Upper Zakum Oil Field

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Rapid urbanization and urbanization has spurred the demand for oil globally. As a result, almost 40,000 oil-fields have come into existence globally. An oil field is a region with numerous oil wells bored. Oil extracted from numerous oil wells is refined further to obtain various petrochemical products. The area over which these oil wells widen may be several hundred kilometers. Some exploratory wells are also situated along the boundary line of such oil-fields, through which pipelines may pass in order to transport the extracted oil to far locations and for supplying additional facilities like oil field waste disposal. Though oil or crude oil is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon compound, its refining process is very similar to any other industrial process.

Upper Zakum Oil Field


The project is an improvement of the production from the , one of the largest oil fields in the world located offshore in the United Arab Emirates.

Upper Zakum Oil Field, located approximately 84km offshore to the north-west of Abu Dhabi islands, has an estimated 50 billion barrels of oil reserves. The field now produces 640,000 barrels of oil a day (bpd).

Upper Zakum is the second largest offshore oilfield and fourth largest oilfield in the world, and is owned by (), a joint venture of ADNOC (60%) acting as the operator, ExxonMobil (28%) and Japan Oil Development Company (Jodco-12%).


The production capacity at the field is set to increase to 750,000 bpd following the completion of the UZ750 Project, which is currently underway. The building works are being implemented in two phases, which are expected to finish in 2017. The project will increase the total production capacity of the field to 750,000 bpd, which will be sustainable for 25 years. The entire project is expected to cost $10bn.

The first phase of the work is being carried out by (NPCC) and Technip under an AED3bn ($817m) contract. It will add 100,000 bpd of manufacture capacity to the field.

The second phase is being carried out by Petrofac Emirates through its joint venture Mubadala Petroleum and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) under a contract worth $3.7bn. The second phase is expected to increase the production capacity by a further 150,000 bpd.

About Location

The fast growing Arabian capital of Abu Dhabi is the richest and largest of all the seven UAE states. The city is located on a T-shaped island leading into the Persian Gulf, from the central western coast, and has a population of around 900,000 inhabitants. It currently controls 90 per cent of the oil wealth in the region, making it one of the largest producers of oil in the world.

  • Upper Zakum Oil field Location: – 80 km off the coast of Abu Dhabi
  • Upper Zakum Oil field owners: – Owned by Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), a joint business enterprise of ADNOC (60%) acting as the worker, ExxonMobil (28%) and Japan Oil Development organization(Jodco-12%).
  • Upper Zakum Oil field companies: – State-owned Zakum Development Company
  • Upper Zakum Oil field recoverable reserves: – Upper Zakum Oil field is reported to contain an estimated recoverable oil reserve of up to 21 billion barrels.

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