Understand the Variety of Opportunities

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The next step is to appreciate the vast array of opportunities available to you. There are literally hundreds of different roles within the offshore job spectrum, both directly related and indirectly connected to the industry. Some roles require little or no experience like the entry-level roustabout jobs; while others require specialized skills and training like the roughnecks. Some roles require skills that are not connected to drilling but are equally essential like culinary, housekeeping and medical support.

By appreciating the range of opportunities available, you can make an informed decision as to what role is best suited for you. Perhaps you want to be involved in the offshore way of life without any of the heavy lifting it entails. Alternatively perhaps, you are keenly interested in the engineering and technical aspects and want to supplement your resume with a suitable marine certification. Another common practice is develop a few basic skills like welding, painting and drilling so that you will get more easily acclimatized to your career.


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