Types of Drilling Vessels

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Working offshore implies that you will be working on some sort of sea vessel employed in the drilling for oil. Currently there are four popular choices for this activity, namely the jack-up drill, the semi-submersible, drilling ships and platform drills.

Where the drilling operation is in shallower waters and the oil well’s potential is still not fully known, a jack-up drill is the preferred choice as it relatively stable, can be used in such conditions and is a movable non-permanent choice. In deep water conditions where a movable rig is once again required, the best option is the semi-submersible vessel which can be used to effectively extract oil in such conditions. Both the jack-up rigs and semi submersibles need to be towed to their new locations. A drillship offers the same benefits as the first two options but since it is a full-fledged ship, it can move to its new location on its own steam and motors. Finally where the oil well potential is strong and the conditions are favorable, oil companies resort to building a permanent platform in the middle of the ocean. This involves massive expenditure and will only be implemented when the return is assured.

As an oil rig worker, it is best to gain expertise in each of the vessels as you progress through your career. This will make you a desirable choice for most employers.

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