The top 5 people needed on oil rigs and job sites

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The following ar the top 5 people needed for oil rigs:

1. Engineer – Works for the oil company

Designs the job, writes the job procedure, makes decisions if or when things go wrong.

2. Consultant/ Company Man – Consults for the oil company

Represents the oil company on site, supervises the job, lines up all the different services, signs tickets, communicates with the engineer, makes sure the job is carried out as per the engineer’s design/ procedure.

3.  – Works for the rig company

Represents the rig company, supervises and directs the rig crew, in charge of all the rig tools/ equipment.

4. / – Works for the rig company

Physically works the controls, operates the brake and the blocks, directs the Derrick man and roughnecks.

5.  – Works for, or consults for oil company

Makes sure all the work carried out is performed according to company , writes up and investigates near misses and incidents.

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