The Perfect Offshore Job on oil rigs

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When searching for a new, rewarding, high-paying job, finding a career in oil rigs comes to mind. You will find various kinds of job opportunities available, so it’s a matter of obtaining a career on oil rigs that suits your particular background or even abilities. You’ll find things to consider in a good offshore oil job, because they aren’t suited to every person. They could be worthwhile, but you will find sacrifices involved, which is the reason they pay more than other job opportunities.

Period of time Away:

If you are married and have a family, a sacrifice on offshore jobs cannot be interrupted by family time. You will be away for several weeks at a time, when you have a job on oil rigs because it isn’t an easy commute. You will have assigned periods on an offshore rig job and you will have breaks for spending time with family. Once you are on the rig, you are expected to stay through your assigned period.

Your individual connections have to be good enough to weather extended durations apart. It will not be abnormal to discover there are numerous men and women who have a career on oil rigs which have been single or separated. Make sure people are geared up for long absences from the family unit.

The Perfect Job on oil rigs:

There are a variety of offshore . There are catering or food department jobs and there are drillers, deck maintenance and oil rig management. Workers that have a job on oil rigs are living on the rig for months at a time and it is run like a community with a common goal. There is more danger involved in deck crew and drilling crew of this offshore oil job.

Should you have kitchen knowledge, think about employment on oil rigs within the catering in the kitchen a or camp boss. But for those who have a history with the oilfields, consider work on oil rigs as a roughneck, pumpman, derrickman, helping oil driller, driller or deck team maintenance, crane driver, roustabout, painter or barge engineer.

Salaries For

Whilst a steward commences with an annual wage around $30 thousand per year, a twelve-monthly income is around $50 thousand. The roughneck on the drill crew would make an yearly salary in the forty thousand dollars, a averages around $50,000 and a averages around sixty dollars. Usually the average twelve-monthly income for the second in command drillers is around $50,000, and a driller has an average 12-monthly pay of about sixty thousand dollars.

Annual salaries of a deck crew job on oil rigs can be in the $40’s to the $60’s depending on position, area of expertise and experience. A management job on oil rigs has salaries from the mid-$70’s to over $100,000 per year depending on your experience or position. There are entry-level positions and those that require experience, when it comes to offshore oil rig jobs.


When considering a position on oil rigs, there is always offshore oil job that can be rightly suited for those of you that want a specialized and worthwhile employment. They could be very satisfying jobs that pay much more than the average and they also offer opportunities for promotion. When you have a paid position on oil rigs, you and your family are sure to be spoiled for any or the same positions on stable ground.

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