The Need to Protect Customer Data in Offshore Outsourcing

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There is the procedure called policy which is prevalent in many countries provided an organization with is not dispensed to any other organization or any other individual.

There are strict rules against this and the breach of these rules can cause lawsuits being filed against the parent company and this can lead to a huge financial compensation which is a loss to an organization. This is particularly true where the offshore jobs are concerned, especially when we take into account the jobs that particularly deal with customer facing departments.

Consider the situation where the offshore outsourcing job is in a country that does not implement the policy of data protection with the same strictness as it is done in the host country. This means that the employees will not be aware of the procedures to follow to interact with the customers that may lead to the breach of this policy.

This is why it becomes important that all the employees be trained on the procedures to follow to ensure that there is no breach of the private data protection. The host country being adept in the rules sets up the policies and procedures that are data protection compliant.


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