The Fitness Requirements of Offshore Drilling Jobs

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derrick of Ocean Star Offshore Oil Rig & Museum
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For all those who are looking for that deal with offshore drilling, the primary requirement is mental and . The reason is that the jobs are most of the times in between big seas on a rig that is of the size of an apartment block.

The duties on the rig have lengthy working hours and a tight schedule. The rig is a structure that has been made flexible and therefore in case of high winds and storms, the rig sways as well. This is why all those who opt for the jobs at rigs must have sea legs and their should meet the requirements of the job.

The work is technical in nature and there are many times when one would have to go under water for repairs and checks. Therefore all those who are there working on the rig are meant to be fit enough to take on the challenge of and round the clock work times.

The mental increases with the knowledge of the family and friends being far of and team work is what takes one through. This is why being a team player is also one of the criteria.


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