Entry level offshore jobs

Human beings are different in many ways as regards what they love to do, the choice of career and some other things. In the career aspect of human, it requires following a path to get trained and be well certified to perform the task expected of a professional. Toiling at school and labouring to get […]

Offshore Jobs at Hornbeck Services

Offshore Jobs at Hornbeck Services

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Hornbeck provides services to offshore construction and military customers. They believe in innovation and technology and provide advanced marine solutions to meet the evolving needs of ultra-deepwater energy industry. By joining their team an individual can avail 401(k), medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and employee stock purchase plan.   Go to any of the following […]

Offshore oil worker interview

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Stacey Green, an operations manager for Quality Energy Services, has spent the past 19 years working in different jobs on offshore oil rigs. Green, 39, works with wire line used to lower and retrieve tools and other equipment in oil and gas wells. Green is not a two-weeks on, two-weeks off shift worker, but works […]

How to Ensure the Security of the Account?

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Whenever you open an account in an offshore bank, then there are a few things that you must bear in mind. Offshore banking is that part of the offshore jobs which offers you a lot of benefits including tax benefits and high interest rates, amongst other features. However, there are a lot of new banks […]

How Offshore Drilling of Oil is Beneficial?

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There is a lot of hue and cry over offshore drilling because it is said to impact the environment negatively. However the offshore jobs that it creates are amongst the toughest work conditions. Where the offshore drilling is concerned, it does take into account the call of the environmentalists who consider it to be an […]

The Importance of Quality in Offshore Outsourcing

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The need for quality services in the offshore outsourcing jobs is a major requirement. The reason is simple. The parent company has got a front end job which employs the maximum number of people and this is one of the departments that is responsible for the maximum number of employees in the company. This department […]

Features of Offshore Banking Jobs

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The norms of the offshore banking procedures have become strict and this is one of the reasons why the business has seen a reduction. However, the offshore jobs involving banking are never to die. With the popular misconception that the offshore banks are mostly used for shady deals, the reputation of these banks amongst masses […]