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On any rig there is an endless amount of supplies. Supplies for the rig, supplies for the kitchen, supplies for the crew and so on. All this has to be effectively tracked and inventoried to minimize unnecessary losses. This is where the role of the storekeeper becomes relevant.

The storekeeper maintains the stock of supplies on board the rig. He or she is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient stock at all times, that it is effectively tracked and monitored, that it is maintained in good working or usable condition and that it is stored as per specifications. While the storekeeper is not ‘in the forefront’ kind of role, it is still a vital addition to the rig crew. The rig will just not be able to operate, as it should if the storekeeper doesn’t do his job well.

A storekeeper should have good planning and organizing skills, a strong attention to detail, ability to pick up the rig’s inventory tracking methodology and work in an efficient manner. Annual salary is usually in the range of $45000.

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