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Seadrill first came into being when it acquired the Company in 1915. Since then it has worked hard to be known as a global drilling contractor with a presence in all the leading international regions like the North Sea, West Africa, South East Asia and North and South America.

Seadrill jobs

Seadrill is known for its cost-effective and efficient approach towards oil extraction and operates a fleet of about 41 drilling units. They own all kinds of vessels including semi-submersibles, drill ships, jack-up rigs and tender rigs. They have experience in drilling through both harsh and benign environments, as well as shallow and deep water. Essentially when you work at Seadrill, you get the chance to work in all types of vessels, regions, environments and water depths, providing you with a holistic and comprehensive learning opportunity.

Seadrill’s commitment to learning and training is quite evident from the number of approaches they adopt. Apart from on-the-job rig training, they also offer their workers development opportunities through theoretical lectures and e-learning portals partly managed by their in-house training center called and partly by individual company departments.

In 2015,  alleged bribery in the negotiations of rig contracts signed by , a subsidiary of Seadrill, in the year 2005-2008.


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