Offshore jobs for felons

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If you committed an offense and got detained that; after serving the time and realizing your mistakes, and you are willing to give yourself another chance by starting a new beginning in your life. That is a smart choice, but it can be really difficult to get a good job, even if the wrongdoing was done so many years ago. This is because more than 90 percent of employers are not usually willing to hire a felon and they would check the history of any potential employee before they are hired.

There are many ex- who are actually skilled and experienced, but they find it really challenging to get a job because of some crime they committed as a teenager. If that happened to you, never get discouraged. There are several employers and opportunities that are available for imprisoned , which will help them put their life back on track. Additionally, you can discuss the prospect of filing for the removal of the felony with your attorney, as this will rub out the charges totally from your criminal records. There are a few employment opportunities for convicted felons and they include the following:

Construction Sector

The industry of construction offers lots of offshore opportunities for convicted felons. Several ex-felons are reluctant to take such works because of the limited remuneration, but this is not true. Good money can be made from the construction sector, and any person who wants to grow can assuredly work hard and be prosperous. Because of their partial formal education, most convicted felons have to begin from the lowest level, and then, they can move to the top level. While working for an offshore construction company, a felon can tender his credentials and apply for grants created for felons, this can help such an individual with the completion of his or her education.

Oilfield Jobs

For the imaginable future, fossil fuels will be used continuously as the world’s main energy supply. Certainly, fresher and better technologies will be exploited and developed, big oil and gas companies are going to be around for a long time. Therefore, it is a reasonable idea for felons to consider getting employed for an offshore oilfield job since it is an area where big oil firms can employ you. This is because most felons can manage a job that’s harder than normal.

Oil rig operations is a great offshore job for felons. An operator will build and/or handle the frame and the tools that settle over a well, to get the fossil fuel materials under the ground. This job is really challenging, and most manual labor workers aren’t capable of getting the job done properly. On the other hand, convicted felons have proven the ability to survive in this area, maybe because of their confirmed high levels of resilience developed during terms in the jail. Regardless of the reason, felons can be really tough and that is exactly the courage required to handle oilrig operations.

One problem that many labors do not like is the fact that drilling rigs are commonly located in remote regions, away from greatly populated places. But for many felons, drilling rigs locations are perfect workplaces, because of the sense of liberty or just the pleasure of working in a wide open space after spending some time behind bars. Therefore, a convicted felon may consider this as an advantage.

Similarly, offshore drilling work is another oilfield job that a felon can consider. As the name implies, offshore drilling involves working in a distant area. Usually, one can anticipate spending a couple of weeks at an offshore oilfield, which is a situation many workers have an issue with but felons might not find it difficult to adapt to.

Wind Energy Technician

If you are interested in working in the environmentally-friendly energy industry. There is a great option for you. Wind energy is a developing field to get involved with, and provided that you don’t get frightened when you are high up in the air, this can be a fascinating offshore job for a felon. Job development is anticipated to be high in the upcoming years, and hence the need for skilled workers will increase, too.

But a lot of people are not aware of this offshore job, this is the reason why the competition in this industry will be minimal during the next decade. Hence, now is a good time to get involved in wind energy if one is a convicted felon or not. But this job will be more suitable for felons because of the offshore location of wind energy plants.

Commercial Truck Driver

There are many advertisements from companies hiring drivers out there, and a lot of them offer funded training for recruited individuals. Although driving a truck is not an easy track, this is the reason why there is a high turnover rate. Therefore, companies are always hiring new commercial truck drivers.

Furthermore, regional commerce is definitely a big industry and online buying trends are changing the way shoppers buy things they need, fluctuating the landscape of the whole supply-distribution chain on a national and international scale.

Thus, commercial truck driving jobs are always available, waiting for felons, who are interested in going through the training process. It is advisable to get a Commercial Driver’s License () first and be ready to start little if necessary. Actually, smaller firms are usually less discriminating in their hiring procedure, this means that there is reduced scrutiny or maybe no background check at all.

The criminal past history of a felon won’t be an issue to worry about in this case. However, for individuals who have restrictions with traveling out of state or country should be cautious. For example, for an individual on parole, it is advisable to avoid taking a job which could make such person violate the provisional release terms.

Consequently, felons are usually the perfect fit for the offshore jobs mentioned above. However, remember not to be too selective when considering these jobs, the most important thing at this point is getting employed in order to get your life back on track.

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