Offshore Jobs at Valaris

Offshore Jobs at Valaris

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Valaris came into being due to the merger of two leading offshore drillers, with decades of experience and skills, to create one of the world’s most skilled, effective and efficient offshore drilling services providing company. With an unparalleled scope, regional reach and customer relationships, the company offer unmatched drilling services for all water depths.


Valaris is operating 82 projects comprising of 54 offshore jack-up vessels, 16 drillships and 12 semi-submersible mining platforms. Its customers include many of the largest offshore exploration and manufacturing firms including major integrated energy firms, national Oil companies, and independent operators. With an unwavering focus on safety and devoted offshore and onshore workers, it offers many innovative solutions for its customers.

In 2018, Its top customers: Total S.A., Saudi Aramco, Petrobras and BP accounted for 15%, 11% , 8% and 7% of its sales respectively. Following are some more facts about the company:


Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Annual Revenue: 1.705 Billion U.S Dollars

Number of Employees: Approx. 4,400




  • In 1975, John R. Blocker purchased Choya Oil, a six-rig contract drilling company located in Alice, Texas, after the Oil crisis of 1973, and called the company Blocker Power.
  • In 1980, it became a public company.
  • The company borrowed heavily in 1981 and early 1982 to increase the fleet to 54 ships. 
  • In 1983, the business had only six systems in service, although, in 1984, the number increased to 24. In 1985, the company’s number of international employees was limited to 500.
  • BEC Ventures made an investment in the company in 1986 and appointed Carl F. Thorne to run the company, which he did until his retirement 20 years later.
  • The firm changed its name to Energy Service Company (Ensco) in 1987.
  • In 1990, the company acquired Penrod, formerly operated by Ray Lee Hunt, in a deal arranged by Rainwater, which held 21 percent of the company, adding 19 rigs to its fleet.
  • The company moved its offices to London in 2010, becoming a company registered in the UK.
  • The company purchased Pride International in May 2011. The business shut down its office in Dallas and merged them into its offices in Houston.
  • The firm combined with Rowan in 2019, changed its name to Valaris and its ticker symbol to “VAL” from .”ESV”.


Company’s Fleet:

A large fleet of ultra-deepwater drills, flexible semi-submersibles, and traditional shallow-water jack-ups, fulfill a wide range of program requirements for its customers. The company’s rig fleet is one of the most advanced in the sector. The company’s well-trained teams work at the highest level in the most demanding offshore environments. The fleet includes:


  • Drillships


Ultra-deepwater drills enable its customers to work up to 12,000 feet depths. Nevertheles

s, Industry-leading technologies enable Valaris to enter a bold new era with packages of drillship equipment consisting of dual or single BOPs and configurations of equipment providing up to 2.5 million pounds of hook loads. Few of the offered Drillships are listed below:

    • Rowan Relentless (VALARIS DS-18)
    • Rowan Reliance (VALARIS DS-17)
    • Rowan Resolute (VALARIS DS-16) &
    • Rowan Renaissance (VALARIS DS-15)


  • Jackups

The company has the largest jack-up rig fleet in the world. It is well-positioned to operate almost anywhere, from the Middle East’s relatively calm waters to the North Sea’s harsh atmosphere. The high-specific and HPHT-capable systems help the customers to explore the far reaches of the shallow water basins of the planet. Few of the offered Jack-ups are listed below:

    • Rowan Norway (VALARIS JU-292)
    • Rowan Stavanger (VALARIS JU-291)
    • Rowan Viking (VALARIS JU-290) &
    • Bob Palmer (VALARIS JU-250)


  • Semi-submersibles

Hybrid mooring equipment on its semi-submersibles allows the company to perform drilling operations at depths varying from 1,500 to 10,000 meters. Its ability to place semi-submersible dynamically, makes it possible to provide drilling solutions worldwide. Few of the company’s Semisubmersibles are listed below:

    • ENSCO 8506 (VALARIS 8506) &
    • ENSCO 8505 (VALARIS 8505)


Company’s Ethics & Compliance:

Valaris remains dedicated to conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. It maintains a high level of professional behavior for its staff and business partners. A responsible workplace is the foundation of its growth. Its people are making Valaris what it is.

The company’s Code of Conduct lays out its dedication to respecting its principles and governs the conduct of its business. Managers, supervisors, and staff are protected by its Standards. It expects its business partners, including joint venture partners, vendors, and other third parties, to act consistently with its Code. 


Innovation & Technology:


  • Continuous Tripping TechnologyThe Valaris Continuous Tripping System is a new proprietary technology that will help further separate the properties of Valaris from the market by offering a more efficient and safe tube tripping; thus, helping to reduce the costs of the offshore venture for customers. Continuous Tripping Technology can be retrofitted to floaters as well as jack-ups and is particularly suitable for ultra-deepwater drills and larger conventional jack-ups. Following are the 3 characteristics of the Valaris Continuous Tripping System:


    • Efficient
    • Safer
    • Lower costs for customers