Offshore Jobs at Petrofac

Offshore Jobs at Petrofac

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Petrofac Limited is an international, industrial manufacturer. It develops, constructs, runs and retains Oil and Gas facilities. It also provides complex and disruptive business models that can be connected to a single customer, project or assets. 

The company provides a full range of engineering services, including technical and development assessments, front-end engineering, designs, as well as comprehensive on-shore and offshore projects. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It offers a high-quality range of products and technologies to its clients. This is achieved through a variety of innovative business models that allow it to customize its products to each client’s needs.



Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Annual Revenue: 5.829 Billion U.S Dollars

Number of Employees: 11,500




  • In 1981 the corporation was set up as a supplier of a mobile plant in Tyler, Texas, USA.
  • It was first listed in 2005 on the London Stock Exchange.
  • In 2010 it bought a 20 per-cent stake in the Gateway processing scheme, an undersea fuel storage cavern.
  • Petrofac and the Italian Oil company Bonatti signed a bond for Sonatrach in 2013 for $650 million contributing to the already significant presence of the company in Algeria.
  • The company issued a profit warning in 2014, predicting income for 2015 would drop by 25 per-cent, as China’s declining demand and ample US supply would cut the price of crude.


Services it provides:

The company models, builds, operates and maintains facilities for Oil and Gas. Its operational capability span the life cycle of Oil and Gas resources, from theoretical advances in greenfields to shifts in brownfields, later-life and decommissioning. It is focused on its ability to develop regional capacity by delivering skills training with the creation of expertise and structures for security.


  • Engineering


The engineering and construction capabilities of the company cover activities in technology, acquisition, building, deployment and commissioning, and onshore & offshore well engineering.

Petrofac is proud to support ventures of any size and scale (onshore, inland, subsea or underground) from modest brownfield development schemes to massive subsea tiebacks, and from major upgrades to mega greenfield projects.


  • Project management


Usually, the projects it executes are large and complex, needing good leadership and coordination. Throughout 2016, the company generated more than 200 million man-hours through its array of lump-sum contracts and preserved an excellent safety record.

  • Procurement


Its supply chain department includes groups that are geographically positioned to help its business activities in all its main operation centers as well as in other key locations. Around the globe, the company has over 400 specialist customers, shippers, distribution officers, and product controllers. It has good experience in high-value order management with a total annual budget ranging between US$ 1 –  2 billion.


  • Construction


Its vast experience (more than 35 years) and operational excellence, help it to deliver complex construction projects, be it on greenfield or brownfield, onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream.


  • Operations & Maintenance


Petrofac has been delivering fit-for-use services, repair and asset management strategies for more than 25 years. It provides the following services to improve resource processes across the scope of operations and maintenance activities:


    • Managed solutions
    • Technical Services
    • Operations and Maintenance Support
    • Asset Management
    • Decommissioning


Training & competence

The company identifies, develops and maintains workplace expertise across the Oil, Gas, and renewable energy industries. Its capabilities include knowledge consultancy, practical training programs, online learning tools right through to the full development, installation and maintenance of training facilities. Its offerings are assisted by industry-leading software solutions that help the customers handle their activities. It provides the following training services:


  • Design 


    • Training infrastructure
    • Environmental response consultancy


  • Delivery 


The company is an international leader in offering innovative learning services to the Oil and Gas industry. It has the resources needed to execute safety, technological and behavioural education effectively anywhere in the world. It builds and delivers the skills by:

    • Global training
    • UK Training Courses
    • Nationalization programs
    • Training center management &
    • Digital Training Content


  • Assurance

    Petrofac’s services in the area of competence and management include:

    • Competency management systems and software
    • Competence development and assessment
    • Competency management and verification


Company’s Core Values:

The company’s success is based on creating reliable, long-term customer relationships, and it remains focused on delivering first-class project execution, cost control and active risk management. It is expanding on its track record in core markets in order to win new business and improve its role. Following are the core values on which the company depends:


  • Safety 


Health and safety are the company’s first and most important values. It tries its best to protect its staff, field workers, and the communities in which it works.


  • Ethical


The company advocates the best legal behavioural standards. It includes doing the right thing for its clients, staff, neighbourhoods, and the world it works in.


  • Innovative


It is the culture of the company to think differently, to use its initiative and to criticize the norm in a positive way.


  • Responsive


It takes time to understand what a customer wants and what are his offerings to meet those needs. As problems emerge, Petrofac is quick to respond and do all it can to resolve the problems.


Countries of Operation:


Petrofac has many offices and about 11,500 employees worldwide from more than 80 nationalities. Some of the countries in which the company operates are:

  • Aberdeen
  • Sharjah
  • Woking
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • Oman &
  • UK