Offshore Jobs at Basic Energy Services

Offshore Jobs at Basic Energy Services

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Basic Energy Services is known for being a Leading Service Provider to Oil and Gas companies…


It’s one of those companies that believe that their employees are their most valuable asset. With this concept they strive to complete jobs in safest way possible and prevent all sorts of accidents. Their employees are provided with proper trainings and all the necessary safety equipment for all type of jobs, big and small. On the site, their employees have the powers to take a decision of stopping or shutting down the entire operation if it is not safe and there are chances of accident.



Staff Assistant (Jacksboro,TX)Safety Rep (SE NM Delaware Basin)Yard Hand (Snyder RAFT)Floorhand (El Reno, OK)Field Supervisor – Snubbing (Woodward, OK 1614)Driver – CDL Vacuum (Knox City,TX)DispatcherDerrickhand ( Bridgeport 1606)Driver-CDL Vacuum (Tenaha 1454)Driver-CDL Vacuum (Lindsay 1612)Driver-CDL Vacuum (Jacksboro 1616)Driver-CDL Vacuum (Sweetwater 1608)Floorhand (Kilgore,TX)Driver – CDL Vacuum (Kilgore,TX)Yard Hand (Waukomis,OK)Operator (Kilgore,TX)Pump Truck Operator (Jacksboro)Rig Operator (Knox City)Safety Representative (Fort Worth,TX 1601)Safety Representative (North Texas)Safety Representative (Oklahoma)Derrickhand (Kilgore,TX)Operator (El Reno)Derrickhand (El Reno)Rig Operator (Woodward)Winch Truck Driver (Woodward, OK 1614)Snubbing Operator (Woodward, OK 1614)Snubbing Assistant (Woodward, OK 1614)Field MechanicFloorhand (Woodward)Derrickhand (Woodward)Shop Hand (Woodward,OK 1614)Shop Hand (Big Spring RAFT)Yard Hand – 1721 ,MIDLAND, TXCDL Driver – Rig Mover (Bridgeport,TX)Area Manager (RAFT & RIG)Floorhand (Bridgeport 1606)Operator (Bridgeport 1606)Safety Manager (PBU)