Offshore Jobs at Baker Hughes

Offshore Jobs at Baker Hughes

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Baker Hughes is an international industrial services provider. It is one of the world’s largest Oil field services companies. It is also one of the most famous companies in the energy technology sector. It develops, produces and delivers disruptive technologies. It operates in more than 120 countries. 

The company was known as Baker Hughes Incorporated until 2017. Later when it was merged with GE Oil and Gas, it became Baker Hughes. It provides a wide range of products and services to Oil fields. Following are some facts about the company.



Headquartered: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Annual Revenue: 22.877 Billion U.S Dollars

Number of Employees: 67,000 




Baker Hughes is a combination of a number of companies that have advanced in technology to serve the Oil and Gas sector. These companies share a history that dates back to the early 1900s…


  • Firstly, in 1908 the Hughes Tool Company was established by business partners Walter Benona Sharp and Howard R. Hughes, Sr. They designed an apparatus to facilitate rotary drilling in stronger, deeper structures than previous fishtail bits.
  • In 1912, Hughes bought half of the company from Sharp.
  • In 1915, the business was called Hughes Tool Business.
  • Hughes Tool Company remained a private company owned by Hughes in the 1950s.
  • The Technology and Research Laboratories were added in 1958 to build six divisions of laboratories that contained advanced instruments such as a direct reading spectrometer and a diffractometer with x-rays.
  • In 1959, Hughes developed closed bearing stone parts that were self-lubricating.
  • The X-Line rock parts were launched in 1964, cover modern cutting system concepts and hydraulic jets.
  • Baker International purchased Hughes Tool Company in 1987 to form Baker Hughes Incorporated in the 1980s Oil glut.


Products and Services:


It provides a wide range of products and services, covering all areas of Oil and Gas industries:



  • Oilfield Services:

It provides products and services for onshore and offshore operations across the lifecycle of a well to include drilling, evaluation, completion, production, and intervention. It offers On-shore and Off-shore production products and services around a well, along with:


  • Exploration
  • Evaluation
  • Construction
  • Processing
  • Interference


  • Oilfield Equipment:

The company supplies many products needed to safely handle hydrocarbons. Some of the main products are in the category of:

    • Deep-water drilling equipment
    • Subsea production systems &
    • On-shore wellheads


  • Turbomachinery & Process Solutions:

The company also supplies Turbo machinery and processing equipment and related solutions for the applications of:

    • Mechanical motion
    • Compression 
    • Power generation &
    • Petroleum industry’s downstream division


  • Digital Solutions:

It offers digitally functional capabilities that can improve the health, productivity, and safety of asset-intensive enterprises. It promotes the Industrial Internet of Things and software application development.


  • Upstream:

It offers its customers the largest product platform in the sector for every part of the Upstream process, along with unprecedented virtual capabilities. To help its customers carry out new levels of upstream efficiency, it is focusing on smarter ways to do so. Upstream services it provides include:

    • Tight Oil EOR
    • Blue-C Compressor
    • Etc.


  • Evaluation:

Its innovative logging technology, strong dam tools, and professional geoscience groups provide data and insight to better assess the asset value. Few of the Evaluation solutions the company provides are given below:

    • Wireline Products and Equipment
    • Wireline Logging
    • Logging While Drilling
    • Fluid Analysis and Characterization Software
    • Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering
    • Surface Logging Services


  • Subsea:

The company has built a differing range of technologies, processes, and services to meet the most demanding customer needs. It helps the company to deliver complete and constant subsea solutions that match and transform the demand. Few of the Subsea solutions the company provides are given below:

    • Integrated Services and Solutions
    • Subsea Production Systems
    • Flexible Pipe Systems
    • Subsea Projects
    • Subsea Wellheads and Tubulars &
    • Floating Production Systems


  • Integrated Well Services:

The staff at Baker Hughes use advanced Well Services. Thus, it was able to prove its ability to prepare, execute and extract Oil and Gas at some of the most difficult approaches.


Countries in which the company operates:

Apart from the US, the company also has a second headquarter in United Kingdom. Following are few other countries in which Baker Hughes operate and thus, maintain offices at multiple locations:

  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Dubai
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Etc..