Offshore Fields in the World

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offshore oil world map

When we are talking about , we cannot really ignore the gas and oil industry that have managed to develop at these venues with an exponential rate. Due to this reason, the are sometime considered as the offshore oil fields. Well, there are really many offshore oil fields but some of them have really managed to draw attention from across the globe.

Among the top five offshore oil fields located in this world, three are located at Persian Gulf. These oil fields are located with a close proximity to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Among all these three, the Safaniya oil field is considered as the major one for its high capacity of production.

This oil field is expected to be equipped with fifty billion among which thirty-six billion barrels can be extracted. Due to this reason, it is also known as the biggest offshore field in this world. which is natural gas and Oil Company located in Saudi Arabia own this oil field. It was discovered during the year 1951 and the oil extraction work started during 1957.

Since then this offshore field is producing crude oil for the rest of the world. Per day this oil field is producing 1.5 million barrels of oil. The 4th and 5th biggest offshore fields are located at in Brazil and that is located in North Caspian Sea. Well, these are the leading and largest offshore fields located in this world.


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