Oasis Petroleum jobs in Williston Basin

Oasis Petroleum jobs in Williston Basin

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Oasis Petroleum owns 506,000 acres in Williston Basin and oil reserves worth 312.2 million barrels. Since their start in 2007 they have grown exponentially. Their secret of success is that they acquire Oil and Gas assets and then after getting the most out of it they sell it and move to next one. Their primary target to sell their assets are refiners.


They are regarded as #1 in North Dakota when it comes to Unconventional jobs in Unique locations and tough conditions


Following are direct job links of Oasis Petroleum:

Plant Foreman, Oasis Midstream Services, Marketing Accountant, Senior Marketing Accountant, Field Engineer I, Oasis Well Services, Geophysicist, Senior Completions Engineer, Senior Facilities Engineer, Field Operator, SWD, Pipeline Operator, Oasis Midstream Services, Executive Assistant, Employee Relations Representative, Revenue Accountant, Production Chemical Field Technician, Environmental Health and Safety Representative, LOE Accountant, Administrative Assistant – Regulatory & Government Affairs, Database Administrator, Senior Drilling Tech, Investor Relations Director, Development Reservoir Engineer, IT Software Support Analyst, Facility Engineer, Oasis Midstream Services, Frac Coordinator, Senior Financial Reporting Analyst, Mechanical Technician, Oasis Midstream Services, Technical Accounting Advisor, Drilling Engineering Advisor, Capital Accrual Accountant/Analyst/Technician, Field Operations Assistant, Division Order Analyst, Supervisor, Accounting Special Projects, Production Foreman, Environmental Specialist, Senior Landman (Advisor), Senior Geologist, Financial Reporting Analyst, Regulatory Supervisor, Environmental Intern, Automation Technician, Production, Reservoir Engineer Advisor, Business Development, IT Application Analyst, I&E Technician, Oasis Midstream Services, Reservoir Engineer, Geologist, Senior Production Foreman, Midstream Accountant, Office Services Coordinator, Inventory Operator – Night shift, Manager, IT Strategy, Regulatory Specialist, Lease Records Analyst, Reservoir Engineer, Land Technician, IT Analyst, Plant Operator A, Oasis Midstream Services, Electrician