New Offshore jobs at Stena Drilling

New Offshore Jobs at Stena Drilling

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Stena Drilling is a wholly owned subsidy of Stena AB, which is one of the largest family owned Swedish companies. It is involved in Shipping, Ferry operations, Offshore Drilling, Property and Finance (it holds or own securities of companies other than banks). It serves its customers worldwide. 

Stena Drilling is one of the world’s foremost independent drilling contractors. It operates a global business made up of four ultra-Deepwater Drillships and two semi-submersible vessels. Following are some facts about the company:


Headquarters: Scotland, U.K

Employees:   More than 11,000

Founded: 1996




Stena was established in 1939 when the trading company Sten A Olsson Metallprodukter was formed. The business grew within and outside the boundaries of the state in the following years.

  • The first ship was bought in 1946 named Dan, a three-masted schooner with sails and engines.
  • The first separate branch of Stena Metall for material collection and processing opened in Göteborg in Hisingen in 1952. The division is still in service.
  • From Göteborg to Skagen, ferry services began. Followed a little later by the path to Frederikshavn. Danica Stena was admitted in 1969.
  • Stena Metall AB and Stena AB were split into two separate groups of businesses in 1972 and the Masthuggskajen terminal was finished.
  • Eleven RoRo ships from South Korea were launched in 1977.
  • The Sphere expands to include long-term investments in new business areas in 2002 when Stena Adactum was set up.
  • The latest 6th generation Drillships were introduced in 1995-2012.
  • In 2016 Stena Fastigheter signed an “SCA house” agreement. The Gothenburg property includes an office and innovation center of 25,000 square meters for which SCA has signed a long lease.
  • The 10th and final IMOIIMAX material tanker from the GSI Shipyard in China was shipped by Stena Bulk in 2017.


Company’s Operations:


The company operates Drillships and semi-submersibles. The two semi-submersibles that the company operates are:



  • Stena Spey:


The Stena Spey is a twin pontoon of Friede & Goldman, a self-propelled, semi-submersible offshore drilling platform supported by the base. It has the capacity to use 18 3⁄4– 15,000 psi Hydril BOP and Vetco MR-6C riser for a water depth of upto 5,000 ft.

  • Stena Don:


The Stena Don is a semi-submersible exploration, construction, and workover ship strategically designed Category 3 harsh environment for worldwide operations. The Stena Don uses an 18 3⁄4 – 15,000 psi WP ‘ TL ‘ Cameron BOP and Cameron 21″ LK 2.0 riser for a water depth of up to 1640 ft.


The company also offers Four Drillships, details of which are given below:


  • Stena Carron


The Stena Carron is a technology built Harsh World DP Class 3 drillship, capable of drilling up to 10,000 feet of water depth. The Stena Carron has 2 x BOPs on deck, each of which is 183⁄4 “x 15,000 psi Cameron” TL “BOP c / w ST Locks, utilizing Cameron Load King riser.



  • Stena DrillMAX


The Stena DrillMAX is a strategically configured Harsh World DP Category 3 drillship capable of digging at water depths of up to 10,000 ft. The Stena DrillMAX has 2 x BOPs on deck, each 183⁄4 “x 15,000psi Cameron” TL “BOP c / w ST Locks, use Cameron Load King riser.



  • Stena Forth


Stena Forth is a harsh environment, dynamically built DP Class 3 drillship that uses 18 3⁄4 “– 15,000psi Cameron TL BOP and Cameron Load King Riser to drill in water depths of up to 10,000 ‘.



  • Stena IceMAX


Stena IceMAX is the first dual mast ice-class dynamically mounted drillship in the country. The Stena IceMAX is a Harsh World DP Category 3 drill that can reach up to 10, 000 ft at water depths. The IceMAX has 2x BOPs on deck, each of which is 183⁄4″x 15,000 psi Cameron” TL “BOP c / w ST Locks, utilizing Cameron Load King riser.


Vision and Mission:


The Vision and Mission of the company is very broad but it can be consolidated into the following points:

  • To provide choices and quality to its customers
  • To protect the company’s resources and resources around the world
  • Engage in events that create value
  • Satisfy customers from its highly skilled operations 
  • Provide quality assured products
  • Achieving and establishing good working relationships with its customers and eventually preserving its business credibility


Company’s Subsidiaries:


Stena AB is the parent company of the following other subsidiaries. Together these companies make sure that they provide all possible solutions to its customers in its line of business:


  • Stena Line:

Is an international transport and travel services business with the most comprehensive route network in Europe.


  • Stena Bulk:

Provides its customers with creative and performance-based secure and cost-efficient tanker transport.


  • Stena RoRo:

Stena RoRo operates RoRo ships. It has recently acquired, from the Japanese market, a new vessel.


  • Stena Teknik:

It is an expert feature that provides maritime technical solutions for all marine business areas in the Stena Sphere.


  • Stena Finance:

It covers cash control, risk management, economic analysis and financial reporting obligations of the Company.


  • Stena Adactum:

Investing in non-related companies over the long term that Stena may assume a significant equity role and add to financial strength over the long term.