New Offshore Jobs at Parker Drilling

New Offshore Jobs at Parker Drilling

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Parker Drilling is a US Company and it provides guaranteed off-shore and on-shore drilling and drilling-related services to the energy sector. It also offers rental tools, project management, rig designs, construction, and operations management. It helps clients by controlling their costs and minimizing risks, to safely and effectively meet their operating goals. The company provides Oil and Gas industries with groundbreaking exploration facilities on-land and off-shore. Some facts about the company are given below:



Headquartered: Houston, Texas, United States

Number of Employees:  about 2,500

Founded: 1934



  • In 1934, G.C. founded Parker Drilling in Oklahoma.
  • The new company has been exploring the use of diesel-powered drilling rigs and started reaching out to the international market by 1945. In Venezuela and Canada, it entered the market with 5 rigs and 12 rigs, respectively.
  • The company was established in Oklahoma in 1954. Gifford’s son, Robert L. Parker, bought the company and became its president.
  • In 1968, the company started services in Alaska with a U.S. deal, Atomic Energy Commission, for digging of nuclear testing large diameter gaps. It was digging the longest 90-in in the country. The area measures 6,150 feet in diameter and 120-in. The hole was 4,427 feet in diameter.
  • In 1972, Parker set a record of 28,500 depths (Ralph Lowe Estate, Texas)
  • In 1977, Parker completed the longest experiment in the Middle East in Kuwait using the world’s largest rig at that time.
  • In 1980, Parker engineering had introduced a number of developments in the area of Arctic exploration, including modern rig models, advanced rig-moving technologies, and enhanced arctic drilling equipment.
  • In 1981, Parker Drilling developed Parker 201, the world’s largest drilling rig, which can reach up to 50,000 meters.
  • In 2001, Parker drilling moved the headquarters of the company to Houston.
  • For the Sakhalin-1 venture in Russia, Parker designed, developed, and ran the “Yastreb,” the world’s most advanced extended reach drilling rig.
  • In 2007, Occupational Hazards Magazine named Parker Drilling as one of America’s safest firms for 2007.
  • In 2009, Parker completed its 75th year of activities and introduced Anchorage, the Regional Office and Training Center in Alaska.
  • In 2012, Parker started drilling with the first of two highly developed arctic-class drilling rigs on Alaska’s North Slope. Gary Rich was selected as president and chief executive officer.
  • Parker Drilling celebrated its eighty years of activity in 2014. Gary Rich was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of the Group.




  • Drilling Services:

Parker’s drilling services help customers manage costs better and mitigate risks by providing its global fleet of drilling rigs with safe, efficient and cost-effective production, as well as consumer-owned plant activity.


  • Land Drilling:

Parker Drilling can assist with arctic, offshore, geothermal, lateral, or extended reach drilling problems. It very tactfully plans and modify its drilling system and operating environment to fulfill the exact needs of the project. The land fleet of the company consists of 19 rigs varying from 1,000 HP to 3,000 HP, with drilling penetration capacities of up to 35,000 meters.


  • Offshore Drilling:

Its first offshore activity was in the Cook Inlet of Alaska in the 1970s. Since then it has worked on several overseas operations at sites such as projects in Canada, barges in the Gulf of Mexico, etc.. It has the ability to modify and run offshore, and barge drilling rigs in both normal and extreme climate conditions.


  • Management:

The company uses best practices to achieve project goals by tailoring solutions as per requirement, maintaining resources & organizational efficiency, improving performance and significantly reducing development costs. It has worked In a range of demanding conditions from the Arctic in Sakhalin, the forests and hills of Papua New Guinea, to the Abu Dhabi desert islands. The company can deploy troops and carry out maintenance for both land and offshore ventures.


  • Rental Services:

The company has been supplying Oil and Gas sector with quality leasing tools, supplies and well facilities since 1978. It regularly collaborates with its clients to develop strong partnerships, and thus, has gained a great reputation in return. It provides creative, budget-effective, and efficient approaches to improve the performance and reduce risks.


  • Well Construction:

The company’s well-building team provides its customers with the right down-hole tools and casing running skills to help them reach maximum depth and build well efficiently and effectively every time. Its well construction services include:

    • Tubular Running &
    • Bottom Hole Assembly



  • Surface & Tubular:

Parker works under the name “Quail Tools” in the U.S. and foreign markets. Quail supplies surface & tubular products. It also handles its customers’ production, maintenance and certification needs with the use of modern technology, maintained by highly qualified staff. Services it provides include:

    • Repair
    • Inspection
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • QC Services
    • Welding Services
    • Etc.


Countries of Operation:

The company is headquartered in the United States and has major operations in:


  • IRAQ
  • MEXICO &