Multi Rules And Regulations Norm in Offshore Jobs

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If you would look into the of the offshore jobs, you will see all the traces of a world that is becoming smaller and in fact the fine lines have started to merge. Let us just take into account the and procedures followed in jobs that are a part of the .

While on one hand the business is conducted as per the local of economic transactions, but where the development of a project or a service is concerned, the norms and the procedures of the client site are followed. Just consider a customer facing profile that is not based in the host country. The offshore client does not follow all the and policies of the host country and yet its employees are trained to follow the and the policies of the client country so that there be no breach of policy or norms and the communication remains smooth.

This is why on the onset, the management works towards the ’s goals as per their rules and the client’s objectives as per another set of rules. This culture of multi nations’ policy where there are 2 different sets of rules seen is a unique feature of offshore .

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