Marvel of Developed Communication Technology in Offshore Outsourcing

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The that involve require the best of engineering processes to ensure that the communication is smooth amongst all the parties.

Consider an IT profile where a company has sent half of a project offshore. There are two benefits. Owing to the time difference the two locations are able to invest more time in a single day and there have been situations where the work has gone on around the clock. The need for impeccable communication arises even further when the on the is customer facing.

Consider a customer service helpdesk, where the customers have been given a local number to call to get their queries resolved. The customer picks up the phone and dials the number. The signals from the phone line are converted to and from there into digital one and zero.

This one and zero is transferred via radio waves to the site location offshore via a and this is where the signals are converted into analog form and a representative in a totally different country takes the call without the customer knowing the difference in quality of sound. Such impeccable quality has made offshore outsourcing possible.

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