Jobs at Multinational Distribution Company, Nexeo Solutions

Jobs at Multinational Distribution Company, Nexeo Solutions

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Nexeo Solutions is a global leader in chemicals and plastics distribution. It distributes 22,000 products across North America, Europe, Asia, and the from over 1,290 world-class suppliers.

Nexeo Solutions supplies raw materials used in:

  • chemical manufacturing
  • oil and gas, coatings, adhesives, paints,
  • personal care
  • automotive, and
  • healthcare

Jobs currently offered at Nexeo:

Credit Assistant, Procurement Associate II, Warehouse Worker, Onsite Services Operations Specialist, 2018 University New Hire, Inventory Control Coordinator, Customer Solutions Associate, Onsite Service Operations Specialist, Logistics Specialist, AP Processing Coordinator, Contract Management Specialist, Material Handler, Material Handler, Material Handler, Logistics Invoicing Coordinator, Procurement Analyst, Material Handler, Material Handler, Inventory Control Coordinator, Product Specialist, Chemicals, District Manager, Oil & Gas