Job Opportunities at Devon Energy Group

Job Opportunities at Devon Energy Group

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The last revenue report of Devon Energy stood at 12.2 billion USD. They are an Independent oil and gas producer in North America. They produce somewhat 2.5 billion cu. ft. of natural gas every day on average. Devon Energy is the biggest player in Oil and Gas producing sector in Barnett Shale, Texas.

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Change Management Specialist, Optimization Operator, Security Officer, Well Planner, Foreman Completions, Subsurface Data Scientist, Lease Operator, Supply Chain Professional, Construction Facilities Engineer, E&P Ops-Lease Operator, Foreman Completions, Corporate Finance Leader, Assistant Foreman Construction, Automation Engineer, Field Construction Facilities Engineer, E&P Ops-Master Data Maint Professional, E&P Ops-Planner/Scheduler Technologist, Automation Technologist, Master Data Maintainer (20025657)