Introduction into Oilfield Offshore Jobs

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You may have heard lots of news lately about alternative energy, but the truth is that the world will depend on oil for the majority of our power needs for generations to come. In fact as the population continues to grow, the demand for oil is growing with it so Jobs are available. If you are looking for a challenging, good paying job in a dependable industry, then you should definitely look into Jobs.

Salary and Reward

One of the reasons why make great careers is the great pay. A typical entry level roughneck makes $40,000 to $50,000 yearly and work less than 20 hours a week when averaged out over the year. Typically, roughnecks work for two weeks straight than have the next three weeks off. An added bonus is free food and lodging are supplied when you are on the rig. You do not need to pay any expenses and get to walk away with a huge paycheck.

Looking For career

Due to the benefits a lot of competition exists for an oil work career when they are posted. Looking into and for example can be useful but being mindful of oil company websites is also a good option. The HR departments will advertise Oilfield Jobs before they reach the generic job websites, by doing this they are ensuring reaching those who are truly in tune with the industry and want to work as opposed to those who are grasping at straws.

Relationship Trial

It takes a strong relationship to survive those sorts of absences. A spouse who is self-reliant and capable of dealing with household problems that may come up in the absence of the partner is essential. It may be simpler if you are a bachelor, but not so if you have a girlfriend who doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods. However, though these are significant difficulties, you will be earning lots of money once you become a pro.

What to Anticipate

Some of the bigger companies hire so much, they are always accepting applications for oil work . You can download form from their website and mail them to the company. Keep an eye on their site so you can see if any positions become available on any Oilfield Jobs. This is the perfect time to call their human resources department and re-affirm your interest of employment with the company. Following these steps will give you a better chance of getting oil work as well as rigging jobs.


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