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Entry level offshore jobsAre you looking for an entry level offshore oilfield job? Offshore jobs offer good pay but with a lot of challenges. Most offshore entry level jobs will get you up to a maximum of $2,500 a week. In some of the best offshore rigs in the industry there are gyms, saunas and pool tables for your recreation after long working hours.

You will have a movie time after every shift.

Entry level offshore oilfield jobs remuneration varies from company to company mostly depending on the location of the rig; your meals and accommodation is also taken care off. For some of the entry level jobs you may actually need no experience at all.

You will be expected to undergo an x-ray and MRI before you are offered a contract for an offshore job. You will be subjected to some difficult training but the good is that you will have almost half a year off; you may opt to work extra hours or take a vacation during this time.

With a little welding experience you may apply for the position of a . Apart from the free boarding facilities and almost 6 months off duty you will get about $50,000 salary a year. If you have training as a chef or have experience working in the kitchen area you may apply to work as a steward; you will be under the instructions main cook of the rig.

An entry level job in the offshore industry that may not require any experience is the position of a floor hand. It is not one of the prestigious jobs in the rig but with a pay in the range of $18-$25 per hour you may just consider it.

Entry level offshore jobs

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