Details about the Offshore Industry

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This year the will be celebrating its 68th Anniversary. The mergers witnessed in the industry portray a major re-capitalization in the offshore industry. You will also note that the industry now uses sophisticated vessels as opposed to what was used when the industry first started.

The industry has seen massive technological change with the ability to drill in deep waters growing by the day thus increasing the ability to produce oil and gas from newly discovered wells. The boom in the industry has brought up a class of educated and competent men and women who work in the offshore industry.

The offshore industry is the major source of energy used by people across the globe. More resources are being found as days go by despite speculation of the contrary. Unlike the fixed platforms initially used the industry has in the recent past adapted to using floating facilities. With over 30% of the world’s oil and gas coming from offshore rigs we can only expect more development.

The offshore industry has started exploiting the idea of developing for sustainable energy. It is expected that more wind parks will be built and the turbines maintained. There is speculation that the oil and gas fields on land will soon run out thus there are more exploration for offshore spots.

There are several barriers to entering the offshore industry since it is capital intensive. You will require a highly skilled team of professionals with knowledge of the industry.

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