The top 5 people needed on oil rigs and job sites

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The following ar the top 5 people needed for oil rigs: 1. Engineer – Works for the oil company Designs the job, writes the job procedure, makes decisions if or when things go wrong. 2. Consultant/ Company Man – Consults for the oil company Represents the oil company on site, supervises the job, lines up all the different services, […]


Jobs at wajax, Canada

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Wajax is a leading industrial products and services provider with over 100 branches across Canada. It represents leading world-wide manufacturers for a wide range of products. Wajax serves its customers in following sectors: Construction, industrial/commercial Transportation Oil sands Forestry Metal processing and Mining Etc.. They are playing a lead role as a major supplier to […]

mckinsey and company

McKinsey and Company (USA)

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McKinsey and Company is an American consulting firm working worldwide. Their organization:   Gives the best analysis to evaluate management decisions across the public and private sector Funds the McKinsey Global Institute research organization Give reports on management topics Author books on management.   By the year 2008, McKinsey alumni held CEO positions with 16 […]


Hess Corporation (USA)

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Hess corporation is an American energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. In 2014, it completed a multi-year transformation generating approximately $13 billion from sales. Hess corporation sold its gas station network to Marathon petroleum, natural gas and electricity marketing business to Direct Energy and closed its refineries […]

Offshore oil jobs in norway

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Would you like to more about offshore oil jobs in Norway? There are a few options. You can use the search form below and search for offshore oil jobs in norway. About offshore oil jobs in norway There will be more information about offshore oil jobs in norway soon. View jobs below:.