ANCAP jobs (Uruguay)

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ANCAP is the state owned company and it is located in Uruguay. It produces the petroleum products, alcoholic beverages and Portland cement. It’s the ANCAP which also operates the single most oil refinery in this country and it is located at La Teja. This oil refinery has the capacity to produce 50,000 barrels per day. […]

Sonatrach jobs

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Sonatrach is an Algeria based company. It was announced to make the best use of the hydrocarbon resources located in this country. The Algerian government also owns this company. This company is responsible to perform different activities like extraction, refining, transport, exploration and production. This unit is also diversified into desalination of the sea water […]

Albpetrol JSC jobs

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The history for Albpetrol JSC was started during 1918. Now this company is also monitoring the agreements for state petroleum in Albania. It’s the Albanian state that owns the entire stock on this company. The headquarters for Albpetrol JSC is located at the Patos city. It has also opened its representative office at Tirana in […]

Apexindo jobs

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Established in the year 1984, PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk is the only Indonesian drilling contractor with offshore drilling capacity for oil and gas, geothermal and coal bed methane industries. With its high quality and highly maintained fleet of seven offshore rigs (3 jack-up and 4 swamp barges), eight onshore rigs and one FPSO vessel, […]

Seadrill jobs

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Seadrill first came into being when it acquired the Smedvic Drilling Company in 1915. Since then it has worked hard to be known as a global drilling contractor with a presence in all the leading international regions like the North Sea, West Africa, South East Asia and North and South America. Seadrill is known for […]

Ecopetrol jobs

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It’s the Ecopetrol which was also known as the Emprasa Colombiana de Petroleos SA. This is also the sister company for SAGOC or known as South American Golf Oil Co. this one is also known as the largest petroleum company located in Colombia. This company has shown a constant and great growth over the years. […]

Petroecuador jobs

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EP Petroecuador is also known as a national oil company that is located in Ecuador. This country is also the member of OPEC or known was Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. They are considered as the small member, yet this country has managed to produce 505,000 barrels crude oil during 2012. Jobs at Petroecuador […]

Cupet jobs

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Cupet is the state oil company for Cuba. This company is involved in many activities like refining, extraction, research and exploration. However, the prime focus of this company is to extract the petroleum products and to distribute them. This company is also working along with the Conglomerate Cimex in order to operate several filing stations […]

China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group)

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China Petrochemical Corporation is also known as the Sinopec Group. This company is always considered as the biggest oil refining as well as petrochemical enterprise in Asia. This company was administrated by SASAC that works for the State Council of People’s Republic of China. This company is having its headquarters at Chaoyangmenwai located in Beijing.

China National Refinery Corporation (CHRC)

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The short name foris CHRC which is known as one of the leading Gas and Oil Company located in China. This company is having its headquarters at Shanghai. Since the inception, this company has managed to establish a strong relationship with most of the biggest Chinese corporations that are into the activities like exploring and […]