Noble Drilling jobs

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Noble Drilling (Noble Corporation) is one of the oldest drilling companies in the world, operating since 1921. The founders began with one rig and since then it has grown to its current impressive size of 62 offshore drilling units. Recently the company celebrated its 88 birthday, a feat that few other drilling companies have been […]

The Challenges of Working Offshore

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Perhaps the greatest drawback of working offshore is the time away from home. At minimum you can expect to be away for 2 weeks at a stretch and in some overseas rigs, it can continue for a month. You can’t leave early to have dinner with your wife, transport to and from the rig is […]

Different Types of Offshore Jobs

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Please sign up for our newsletter >   When you are searching for the offshore jobs, you will surely come across most of the jobs that are located with the gas and oil industry. These industries have always announced great positions for those who are efficient enough for the offshore jobs. These jobs are backed […]

Life Offshore

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A major component of the decision to work offshore is understanding the charm and challenges of offshore life. It is definitely not for everyone but for many, it is an enjoyable and fulfilling existence. Prior to taking this enormous step and working on an offshore rig, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with […]

Salary and Pay Structure

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Let’s be honest, despite all the talk of adventure, travel and an exciting life out on the high seas, when it comes down to brass tacks, the main appeal of an offshore career is the pay. Salaries offshore are substantially more than salaries of the same jobs onshore. Plus you get paid per year for […]

Offshore oil worker interview

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Stacey Green, an operations manager for Quality Energy Services, has spent the past 19 years working in different jobs on offshore oil rigs. Green, 39, works with wire line used to lower and retrieve tools and other equipment in oil and gas wells. Green is not a two-weeks on, two-weeks off shift worker, but works […]

Advantages of Offshore Working

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Now that you are well aware of the challenges, there are more than a few advantages of working offshore. These can help overcome the drawbacks outlined above and make it all seem worthwhile. Range of Positions and Career Options Getting a job on a rig doesn’t mean you will be performing one task for the […]

Top Offshore Drilling Companies

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A large part of your success and future in the offshore drilling industry depends on the company with which you work. There are a large number of drilling companies in the world but some stand out as compared to others with respect to their work practices, experience, technology and sheer size. Opinions differ on whether […]