Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs

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What is an offshore job? The answer to this question varies in different aspects depending on two factors; the most common definition across the globe being working away from the mainland either in an oil rig or gas rig. The other definition may be working in an island that is not your country of residence. […]


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Originally Brazil was known as a biofuel producer thanks to the sugarcane ethanol, which is used as fuel for most of its transportation service. However as late as 2007, the discovery of the Tupi field about 200 miles off the coast of Rio in the Atlantic Ocean changed all that. The field has now been […]

Platform Drill

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Major oil companies invest huge sums of money on geological surveys to estimate the quantum of oil present under the seabed. Once these surveys indicate a positive result, semi-submersibles or drillships are sent to conduct the first few rounds of drilling. If these prove to be fruitful and show excellent potential, a permanent structure may […]

The North Sea

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The North Sea and surrounding regions have been associated with oil exploration from as early as 1859. It really began gaining importance around 1973, when the oil crisis stimulated many companies to put in the massive investment necessary for oil extraction. It is a region associated with high production cost. However thanks to its proximity […]

Google invests in offshore wind energy

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Image via Wikipedia This is just in, Google invests in offshore wind energy: When built out, the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) backbone will stretch 350 miles off the coast from New Jersey to Virginia and will be able to connect 6,000MW of offshore wind turbines. That’s equivalent to 60% of the wind energy that was […]

Concluding Thoughts

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Life offshore is different from an ordinary working environment and most people who start off in this industry become lifers. Others find it unbearable and cannot put up with its drawbacks for more than a single trip. It is important to reflect your personal preferences and make an appropriate decision after fully understanding what such […]

Oil Driller Jobs

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An oil driller is assigned the responsibility of supervising the rig crews and ensuring that every task is being performed accurately and  fficiently. He in turn is supervised by the tool pusher or rig manager. An effective oil driller who is good at his job will be a good communicator, have strong attention to detail, […]


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On any rig there is an endless amount of supplies. Supplies for the rig, supplies for the kitchen, supplies for the crew and so on. All this has to be effectively tracked and inventoried to minimize unnecessary losses. This is where the role of the storekeeper becomes relevant. The storekeeper maintains the stock of supplies […]

Where to Find Offshore Jobs?

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If you are searching for the offshore jobs and you want to join one of them that best suits your portfolio then you should know the places where these job announcements are appearing frequently. Apart from the employment magazines and sections in the newspaper, you can find details related to the offshore jobs online as […]