Offshore Salary and Pay Structure

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Most individuals opting for a career in this industry are first attracted to the money. Offshore rig workers make a substantial amount more than onshore employees doing the same job and what’s more, they work fewer days a year. Most reputed companies pay their workers extremely enviable packages and the benefits offered are also superlative. […]

Other Offshore Jobs

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Offshore does not always refer to working on site off the coast of the mainland. Neither is drilling for oil always associated with offshore work. The term off-shoring is also referred to as the movement of processing, operations and other computer based work from more expensive locations to cheaper ones. The final chapter in this […]

Why is Offshore Outsourcing Important?

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The Offshore Outsourcing feature of an organization is an effort of the organization to cut costs and increase efficiency. The offshore jobs that are created are an added plus for the country that has got these jobs outsourced. This is the reason why the offshore jobs have become so popular. There are many benefits of […]

Offshore jobs in Abu Dhabi

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Looking for a Offshore jobs in Abu Dhabi? Please leave a comment below and we will get in touch with you soon. Abu Dhabi One of the biggest oil fields in Abu Dhabi is Satah al-Razboot (SARB) offshore oil field. The oilfield is expected to add an additional 100,000 barrels per day of oil to the overall […]

Advantages of an Outsourcing Job

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There are a number of advantages associated with working in an outsourced role: You don’t need to be highly skilled to get a job. Entry-level positions are available for individuals with minimal qualifications and zero experience. Since this is an industry plagued with high attrition, jobs are always available. What makes outsourcing jobs so appealing […]

Crane Operator

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On any oil rig, there are hordes of supplies that have to be carried on and off the rig. It could be materials like casting pipes or other equipment, essential for the smooth running of the operation. It could also be the groceries and food items required to sustain the crew for this extended period. […]

Tips For Choosing Offshore Bank

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There are some commonly known mistakes that are made while doing offshore banking. These mistakes arise from the offshore jobs that have not been completely researched on. The choice of the bank being right or wrong for you depends on many factors. First of all get a feedback on the services of the bank. If […]