Need For Common Procedure In Offshore Outsourcing

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There are many ways to conduct business in offshore outsourcing jobs. These methods and procedures are adopted so that the business in the offshore jobs gets done smoothly. This is why the communications between the two wings is very important. Let us first take into account the policies and procedures followed when one is involved […]

Need for Effective Communication In IT Offshore Jobs

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Communication technology is utmost vital in case of offshore jobs. Especially when we are dealing with Offshore Outsourcing profiles. The reason for this is simple. Consider a company that deals in Information Technology and it has its offices worldwide. There are departments which deal with a particular type of project. For example, those who are […]

Tips and Best Practices

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Working on a rig is not an easy career choice. While it offers excellent pay, benefits and other perks, it also entails long hours, grueling work and extended time away from families. Some workers thrive in the environment from the start while others take some time to get used to it. Others choose to walk […]

Types of Outsourcing Companies

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In the outsourcing industry there are predominantly two types of companies. One is the captive institution, which is a subsidiary of an international business and the other is a third party vendor. Captive chains are usually set up for quality control purposes and in some cases for data protection. HSBC, a leading global bank has […]

Catering Roles

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On an oil rig, good food ensures that staff are well fed, nourished and able to take on the challenges of the day. When the food is tasty and well prepared it is also a motivating factor for the crew. That’s why many oil companies today take great pains to ensure that the catering function […]

Summing Up

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The key to a lucrative career in this industry is learning. As long as your learning curve continues to be a sharp upward slope, you will grow in your role. All the companies described in this chapter provide excellent career development opportunities. So write your CV well and ensure you clinch the job. However while […]

Offshore Jobs

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Methods of Offshore Outsourcing

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There are some investors who spend a lot of time dealing with local jobs that are not functioning. In such a case, it is recommended that you should look for alternative ways that will help in generating a lot of income in a short period of time. Here are some offshore outsourcing strategies that can […]

The Need of Individual Responsibility in Offshore Outsourcing

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The offshore jobs that involve offshore outsourcing have the vital necessity of trained professionals. This is why the need of good resources becomes vital. Consider the following situation. If you own a company where you need professionals to work on a particular project and you have strict deadlines to meet, then it becomes absolutely important […]