The Offshore Jobs that Involve Drilling

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One of the most popular offshore jobs is offshore drilling. This means the establishment and development of oil and natural resources for commercial usage. The term describes drilling underwater and most of the times bring to mind the oil rigs in the middle of ocean. However, the offshore jobs that involve offshore drilling do not […]

The hidden costs in off shore outsourcing

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The long and short of the outsourcing business is that it is here to stay and all that the IT shops have got to do is to know how to cut their operational costs further to make the business even more profitable. Granted, there are many hidden costs that, if not looked into carefully, could […]

Offshore outsourcing trends

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No doubt since the business of offshore outsourcing began, there have been emerging trends which have become necessary to adopt in order to stay afloat. Some of them have especially helped to cut costs greatly, resulting into more profits for small businesses. Experts agree on one thing, and that is that the first strong trend […]

Common Accidents When Working Offshore

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While working at the offshore fields, workers can come across some accidents. If you are planning to work offshore or you are already working there, then you should know a few details related to the type of accidents that workers can come across while working at these venues. Most of the workers use to work […]

Offshore Banking Needs the Best Professionals

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The Offshore jobs take a different shape altogether with the Offshore Banking. There are some immense benefits of offshore banking. All those who opt for the offshore banking jobs have to be professionals who have had impeccable career records. One of the primary features of offshore banking is the discreet method with which the banking […]

Common Oil Rig Roles

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The entry level, easiest to obtain oilrig role is the roustabout. It is a role that requires a lot of heavy lifting, manual work, painting, sandblasting, loading, unloading and other intense physical work. As you gain experience, you grow from roustabout to roughneck. These are the individuals who are responsible for the smooth and effective […]

Purpose of Offshore Banking

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Offshore banking is a field that has been developing fast, especially since the introduction of online banking. There are some countries that are famous for offering offshore banking services especially since they give adequate security and open firm bank regulations. Offshore banking has been associated with money laundering, but here are some of the major […]