Facilities Provided Offshore

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Most oil rigs offer similar facilities to their workers. It is acknowledged that the offshore life is a challenging one so organizations pull out all the stops to make it as comfortable as possible for their workers. They are now almost as comfortable as hotels. In most oil rigs, everything is provided and workers just […]

Roles in the Offshore Drilling Industry

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There are literally a variety of roles that you can choose from if you want to become part of the offshore drilling industry. Some require little or no skills while others require college degrees. Depending on your age and stage in life, personal ambition and interest, you need to decide on which role would work […]

What Employers are looking for

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Until now, the focus of this chapter has been to provide a guideline on how to find a vacancy and apply for it. We will now examine what employers are looking for in their potential oil rig employee. This will help in your application and interview process as well as give you an insight into […]

Subsea Engineer

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The subsea engineer forms a part of the rig maintenance department and is responsible for overseeing the rig’s subsea systems equipment. He will report to the rig maintenance supervisor and has an assistant subsea engineer to help him in his tasks. It is a critical role and requires a strong knowledge of the motion compensation […]

KCA Deutag Drilling

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This company is primarily a drilling contractor but has diversified into providing other services as well like rig management services, rig design and engineering services. Working here allows you the opportunity to diversify out of offshore drilling should you want to at some point in the future. They have a number of drilling platforms, jack-up […]

Offshore Outsourcing – Think Smart

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife Some companies have high production costs that can negatively affect their profitability. This makes these kinds of companies resolve to some smart ideas that involve outsourcing. This decreases production costs while increasing the output and interest of the company. Offshore outsourcing allows growth of a business. When most of […]

Ballast Control man (watchstander)

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The ballast control man has to ensure that the rig is stable and safe prior to drilling. He will be periodically expected to evaluate the stability of the rig and share reports with the managing team. He is usually based in the ballast control room where the relays that control the ballast valves are located. […]

What to Bring Offshore

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While drilling companies insist that all you need on board are your personal hygiene items, here are a few suggestions on what might come in handy while on board. Firstly get 2 or three current newspapers. You rarely get a daily paper on board and you will find this a hot commodity amongst your crewmembers. […]

Getting Offshore Jobs

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Offshore jobs are sometimes difficult to get if you don’t have the right skills required. For you to be granted a job at international level, you need to have acquired adequate experience to help you in developing your experience fast. Read on how to get offshore jobs. The first step that people who are looking […]

Tips to Finding Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs

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Are you interested in getting an offshore oil and gas job and wondering how? The industry provides a lot of opportunities but with a lot of competition. You can maximize your chances of finding offshore oil and gas jobs by making the following considerations; Submit your CV to WorkingOffshore.com You should consider the skills that […]