Do you want to go offshore?

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Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling thundering machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes.  OFFSHORE JOBS Working offshore no longer involve pulling thundering machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes. Today, most oil and gas jobs centre on automated operations, and the heavy machinery is monitored and remotely controlled by advanced computers. Whether you’re working with a wrench […]

Study the Industry

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The first step towards finding the perfect offshore job is to thoroughly study the industry. Apart from getting a close understanding of all its varied aspects and intricacies, it also gives you an insight into what’s new, what skills you might have to develop and what is in high demand. For example at present the […]

Why Offshore Banking is Popular in Small Nations?

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Whenever the term offshore banking is coined, somehow it can be misconstrued as the bank account for rogue firms and organized crime syndicates. However, the offshore jobs that make the offshore banking happen have got nothing to do with the incorrect concepts that have been built around the term. Simply put, any account that has […]

Biggest Offshore Drilling Companies

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As far as offshore drilling is concerned, this process included extracting the crude oil from the wellbores. These wellbores are drilled into the seabed with the help of deep-water drilling or shallow-water drilling systems. There are many offshore drilling companies located in this world. But some of them have really managed found a distinct position […]

Offshore Catering Jobs

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Are you seeking for catering job offshore? Opportunities continue to grow, even with the economic slowdown. Half of the current workforce in the oil and gas industry is retiring in the next 10 years. This is creating a huge labor shortage for the energy companies and drilling contractors, and a huge opportunity for those seeking […]

Why Check on Offshore Banking Investment Proposals?

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When one opens and offshore account, one is offered many opportunities of investment. The offshore jobs involving offshore banking entail that the money that you deposit must be used in an investment that the bank recommends for the sake of a much higher interest. However, give that the minimum amount for most of the offshore […]

Maintenance Department

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The maintenance department on board the rig keeps the rig running as it should at all times. It may be a support function but without a strong and efficient maintenance team, the rig would not be able to operate.