Working as a Woman Offshore

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Women working at the offshore venues can come across some sorts of challenges. But as the offshore jobs can offer you a great package as well as other facilities, you may want to overlook these odds. If you are mentally and physically strong, then offshore jobs for women are the perfect options for you. Working […]

Salary Expectations

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The different roles that exist on a rig crew have been discussed in detail in an earlier section of this book along with the salary expectations of each level. It has been represented below once again as a summary. Toolpusher: USD 80,000 to USD 135,000 annually Roustabouts: USD 33,000 to USD 45,000 annually Roughnecks: USD […]

The Need For Specialist Work Force in Offshore Jobs

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife If you belong to an organization that is involved in offshore jobs like offshore outsourcing, then you will be surprised at the work methodology of these companies. These organizations need only a certain kind of specialist and what they focus on is communication and the knowledge of the software […]

Summing Up

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Finding the perfect offshore job requires patience and perseverance particularly if you are new to the industry. It requires careful research, planning and attention to detail so that when opportunity knocks, you are able to grab hold of it with both hands. Once you get a leg in, you will find yourself in a far […]