Understand the Variety of Opportunities

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The next step is to appreciate the vast array of opportunities available to you. There are literally hundreds of different roles within the offshore job spectrum, both directly related and indirectly connected to the industry. Some roles require little or no experience like the entry-level roustabout jobs; while others require specialized skills and training like […]

Offshore Fields in the World

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When we are talking about offshore fields, we cannot really ignore the gas and oil industry that have managed to develop at these venues with an exponential rate. Due to this reason, the offshore fields are sometime considered as the offshore oil fields. Well, there are really many offshore oil fields but some of them […]

Top Offshore Jobs for Your Consideration

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Are you a professional planning on joining the offshore oil and gas industry as an employee? If so then you need to know some of the top offshore jobs since no one would be willing to leave their current employer and go for a low paying job unless their doing it for the fun of […]

Job Roles in Offshore Drilling

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Of all the career choices associated with the term ‘Offshore’, definitely the most common relates to the global energy industry, also referred to as oil rigs, offshore drilling and the petroleum exploration industry. A career in this industry offers a wide range of opportunities in terms of roles and salary expectations. It is an exciting […]

A Smart Move – Offshore Banking

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Image via Wikipedia There is a lot of criticism about the offshore banking. Nonetheless, this is one of the smartest ways that can be used for protecting personal belongings in any kind of environment. Here are some of the reasons that make this banking method a smart move. The banks are capable of transferring funds […]