The oil rig family

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Remember this advice: Crewmembers on an oil rig become like family thanks to the extended time you spend with each other. It is therefore a good idea not to burn any bridges while you’re on board. Being well prepared on what to expect, what to bring and what not to bring can help you focus […]


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A drillship is a rig onboard a regular ship, complete with hull, pump rooms, bridge and below deck rooms. The rig equipment is located on the hull and usually reaches up to quite a height so that it can be lowered to extreme depths when required. Whenever drilling has to take place, the drill ship […]

Disadvantages of an Outsourcing Job

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Along with the perks come a few drawbacks and before embarking on this career choice, it is a good idea to understand them. When work is sent offshore, it usually has to be performed at the same time as it was done onshore. As a result, outsourcing roles are most often accompanied by odd working […]

Keep Busy

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If growth and promotion is important to you, then you need to keep busy at all times. If you have any slack period, rather than sitting around and chatting with your colleague, pick up a tool and hammer something. Cleaning, wiping and lubricating are always required so find your closest maintenance department worker and help. […]