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Where to Find Offshore Jobs?

offshoreIf you are searching for the offshore jobs and you want to join one of them that best suits your portfolio then you should know the places where these job announcements are appearing frequently.

Apart from the employment magazines and sections in the newspaper, you can find details related to the offshore jobs online as well. In fact, the internet can offer you an easy and fast option to collect these details. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can come across many job announcements for different offshore venues.

There are also specific websites where these offshore jobs are announced regularly. these sites also update the status of such jobs on a regular interval while adding the new ones announced by the employers. Most of the offshore jobs are located at gas and oil industries.

So, working here can always offer you a quality salary structure. Employers here are also offering other facilities to their employees in order to enhance the productivity level. In order to work at these venues you also need to show determination and perseverance. You need to be equipped with solid physical strength, as this is the biggest requirement with just any offshore job.

Some of the offshore jobs can offer you the chance to go for wages that remain around $1600 to $2000 in a single week. You may need to fly to the work station by chopper and that seems to be the most interesting part associated with some offshore jobs. So, search for the right kind of offshore jobs online and secure one to add a new dimension for your life.

Top Oil and Gas Jobs Broken Down

offshore oil rigWith the current economic downturn you may be thinking of changing employers for better pay. In case you have thought about joining the offshore industry and was wondering on which jobs you can apply, below is a list of top oil and gas jobs you can give a shot.

The offshore oil and gas industry employs both professionals and non trained staff. You need not to worry if you do not have a university degree, you may work as a truck driver; offshore rigs use trucks to move equipment and to haul away water or oil. To pass as a truck driver you will need to have a little mechanic and supervisory skills to get this $50,000 a year job.

Are you an engineer who specializes in measuring? The offshore industry most definitely needs you than you may need them. You will be mandated to ensure that the drilling process is conducted effectively. You will however need some technical experience to land this $90,000 a year job.

The offshore industry greatly relies on geologists as it form the foundation all drilling processes. Geologists basically determine where the offshore rig will be located. For this $120,000 a year job you will need to have a Bachelor of Science degree to get hired.

All offshore oil and gas rigs need to have a drilling consultant who manages the daily running of the rig. As a drilling consultant your task will be to ensure that all operations are smoothly undertaken without any hitch. For this $200.000 a year job you will need to ensure there are enough supplies at the offshore rig at any particular time.

Applying Tips

Once you have decided to apply for a job, here are a few tips that can help you do better on your application.

1. Take the time to understand and familiarize yourself with the jargons of the industry. It shows that you are particularly interested in the role and a future with this line of work. It will set you apart from other candidates who are also applying for entry-level positions.

2. Ensure all contact information is accurate and that you are reachable once your application goes out. A number of companies like to have telephonic interviews and will not waste time repeatedly trying to reach you. In most cases they will give you some notice before fixing the interview however on some occasions it is an impromptu discussion. It makes sense then to mentally collect your thoughts on some key questions as soon as you send your application.

3. If you don’t get a confirmation that your application has been received, don’t hesitate to follow up and obtain this confirmation. Many times emails get missed and yours could be the unfortunate one. It also indicates to the recruiting team how interested you are in the position.
4. Include a covering letter expressing why you have applied, how you learned about the position and why you are keen to work for that particular company. It should be crisp yet informative, indicating your professionalism, focus and drive.

How to Make Money with Oil and Gas Jobs

The oil and gas industry has built a reputation for well paying jobs in the world. In as much as offshore workers earn more than their counterparts on mainland; the industry prides itself for well paying jobs.

Rig workers across the globe work on a rotating schedule; this gives them almost half a year away from the rig. Apart from the good salary an offshore employ may start a business which they can supervise on their time off and leave for a family member when they go back to the rig.

money offshore

It is easier to make money with oil and gas jobs than any other job I can think of. As a rig worker all your expenses are taken care of by the employer; this should help you save a lot of money for future investment.

There is a misconception that to make money with oil and gas jobs you need to have experience related to the industry. There are several other jobs available for roustabouts, chefs, painters and cleaners that are not in any way related to oil and gas that you can apply for and make money in the industry.

The oil and gas industry jobs are not easy as most of the position require your physical involvement. However, the rewards outweigh the level of work you have to undertake. Your employer will ensure all your needs are met while on duty.

With your savings you may decide to start a business and increase your earnings or as well just enjoy your retirement.

Offshore Regions

Offshore drilling as the name suggests occurs in the middle of the ocean 100 to 200 miles off the coast of different countries. A career in offshore drilling is almost immediately associated with world travel and visits to some of the most exciting and exotic nations in the world. This chapter is devoted to elaborating on the most popular offshore drilling locations in the world today along with an insight in what could be the future regions of exploration.

Geological Surveys Are a Part of The Off Shore Job of Drilling

A Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit

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Offshore jobs can be of many kinds. The one that involves offshore drilling of oil and natural gas is nothing short of a marvel in the line of construction engineering. Till a long time back, the rigging of oil was not a well known art.

The Chinese made rigs made out of bamboos to extract oil and natural gas and used it for cooking and lighting. The place where a large oil reserve is found is called a “Trap” and looking for one is an expensive proposition. There is no way to ascertain in advance where oil can be found and there is no assured method to locate the rig.

The search for traps yields nothing most of the times however, if there is one found, more often than not, the one under the sea or ocean has a higher potential of being a large reserve. The “traps” which seem to be potential reserves are found basis the seismic activity in the region and yet there is no way to ascertain whether there is oil until the place is actually penetrated. This is why the offshore jobs have got geologists working on them to allow the best use of the data available.

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Different Types of Offshore Jobs


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When you are searching for the offshore jobs, you will surely come across most of the jobs that are located with the gas and oil industry. These industries have always announced great positions for those who are efficient enough for the offshore jobs. These jobs are backed up with higher pay rate as well as other facilities.

This is also a big reason why people prefer to go for the offshore jobs with a great interest. However, working offshore can also produce some challenges for you. But when you are looking at the rewards these offshore jobs can offer you may like to overlook those odds for sure.

Installation manager: It’s the oil industry where installation managers have a great reputation. They usually climb the way towards drill-crew ranks. Working as an installation manager is a responsible job, as you have to look after the whole oil rig. So, you need to have a good idea about what sorts of works are done at the oil rigs. For this post, you should have ten years of experience while working offshore.

Engineers: These days, Mud engineers are receiving a great demand at the gas and oil industry. These engineers will have to carry out works like drilling the fluids that can be used at rigs. For this post, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in subject like chemistry.

Subsea Engineers: There is also a good demand for the subsea engineers in the gas and oil industry. These engineers can perform the work like planning for the subsea systems, operations, maintenance and repair.

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Types of Offshore Oil Rigs

Before getting into the intricate details surrounding an offshore oil-drilling job, it helps to understand the different types of rigs. Essentially there are four types of rigs – jack-ups, semi-submersibles, drillships and platform rigs. During the course of this chapter, you will gain an insight into each type of vessel and what it will be like working on them.

How Offshore Drilling of Oil is Beneficial?

A Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit

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There is a lot of hue and cry over offshore drilling because it is said to impact the environment negatively. However the offshore jobs that it creates are amongst the toughest work conditions. Where the offshore drilling is concerned, it does take into account the call of the environmentalists who consider it to be an environmental degradation. Any drilling procedure can become a viable method of drilling where it minimizes the impact of drilling on the marine life while simultaneously producing economically viable products that have become so important in our lives.

There are many benefits of offshore drilling. The primary is that it creates great job opportunities to those who can accept this job. Secondly, these reserves ensure that there is oil surplus and the consumers enjoy a lower cost of use of the petroleum products. With the new and developed technology, oil companies can exploit the oil resources commercially in a viable and effective manner and will also ensure that the impact on the marine life and the environment is minimal. The new technology has evolved out of the fact that the older drilling procedures were badly affecting the environment and hence all those issues have been eliminated in the newer procedures.

The Importance of Quality in Offshore Outsourcing


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The need for quality services in the offshore outsourcing jobs is a major requirement. The reason is simple. The parent company has got a front end job which employs the maximum number of people and this is one of the departments that is responsible for the maximum number of employees in the company.

This department usually is the one that interacts with customers over the phone or online. This is one department that represents the parent company. When a company offshores a job, then the organization that takes the contract must ensure that the customers of the company must be offered quality services so that not only is their loyalty maintained but also their queries are resolved in the first go. Any repeat contacts are cost to the company and also hamper the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore once the quality parameters are established, the first thing that an organization which has taken up the services end of the offshore jobs must do is train its employees thoroughly.

Once all the employees are thoroughly trained is when the offshore company goes into business and most of the customer’s enquires are dealt with in a pre-established format which forms the quality matrix of the job. This matrix is calibrated time and again to ensure that all business parameters are considered.