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Summing Up

For many the charm of working offshore lies in the prospect of international travel. Conversely most of the workers who exit the industry do so because they are so far from home spending much of their time in the middle of the ocean. That said, it is an irretrievable and unchangeable component of working in this industry so unless you are willing to travel to these locations and work under the demanding conditions that they impose, this is certainly not the career for you. On the flipside, many oil workers today relish the opportunity to visit new and exciting locations, places they never dreamed of visiting in their lifetimes. As oil exploration extends to new frontiers, the prospect of visiting new continents and regions will always be one of the key reasons for new and existing workers to serve in the oil drilling industry.


Need For Common Procedure In Offshore Outsourcing

There are many ways to conduct business in offshore outsourcing jobs. These methods and procedures are adopted so that the business in the offshore jobs gets done smoothly. This is why the communications between the two wings is very important. Let us first take into account the policies and procedures followed when one is involved in outsourcing profiles.

The necessity for the business to be conducted in a manner that is easy to follow by both the wings of business is mandatory considering that the distance between the two is immense and the policies and the ground rules at one end are considerably different than the other. This is what makes the commonly established procedure that goes well with the local laws of the offshore wings and the client side of the business an important process to develop.

Such procedures are updated from time to time and the information is to be cascaded from the client end to the offshore end and then the common procedure should be followed after all the employees have been thoroughly trained on the updated procedure. This also helps in the transfer of information smooth from all the levels of business, even if it is the front end or the lowest rung of the employee ladder.

Offshore Jobs – Learning What to Expect When Looking

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Being knowledgeable in many fields is critical when looking for an offshore job, especially when looking for an oil rig job or one in the gas industry.  One thing you should start with is to know that the job is going to be very physical. However, don’t forget that physical jobs have their own rewards. A person starting off in an oil rig position is paid anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 annually.  Such a person is characterized by having little or no experience. However, more money is made as experience increases.  This is explained well by the fact that worker demand exceeds the supply of people who are in line to work in this area.

Not all offshore jobs are on oil rigs or the gas industry, but all offshore jobs typically require one to be away from home for weeks or months.  There are also other requirements and they include having a clean bill of health on top of being in a good physical condition. Some areas don’t provide medical care and this is enough reason to know if you are a high risk person. Thus, qualification may be difficult for someone with health risks.

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Concluding Thoughts

Life offshore is different from an ordinary working environment and most people who start off in this industry become lifers. Others find it unbearable and cannot put up with its drawbacks for more than a single trip. It is important to reflect your personal preferences and make an appropriate decision after fully understanding what such a life demands. The next chapter which talks about offshore locations can also help in deciding whether this is the career path for you.


How to Make Money with Oil and Gas Jobs

The oil and gas industry has built a reputation for well paying jobs in the world. In as much as offshore workers earn more than their counterparts on mainland; the industry prides itself for well paying jobs.

Rig workers across the globe work on a rotating schedule; this gives them almost half a year away from the rig. Apart from the good salary an offshore employ may start a business which they can supervise on their time off and leave for a family member when they go back to the rig.

money offshore

It is easier to make money with oil and gas jobs than any other job I can think of. As a rig worker all your expenses are taken care of by the employer; this should help you save a lot of money for future investment.

There is a misconception that to make money with oil and gas jobs you need to have experience related to the industry. There are several other jobs available for roustabouts, chefs, painters and cleaners that are not in any way related to oil and gas that you can apply for and make money in the industry.

The oil and gas industry jobs are not easy as most of the position require your physical involvement. However, the rewards outweigh the level of work you have to undertake. Your employer will ensure all your needs are met while on duty.

With your savings you may decide to start a business and increase your earnings or as well just enjoy your retirement.

Oil Rig Mechanics

The maintenance department of an oil rig usually employs a number of mechanics as part of their crew to help with maintenance and servicing of equipment. They help to ensure that all the machinery is functioning smoothly by inspecting the hydraulic systems, motors and other machines, using a checklist. When something is not working as it should, they are required to help resolve the issue and restore it back to its original working condition. They are also responsible for working with the storekeeper and ordering supplies as required by the technical personnel of the crew.

The hours of a rig mechanic are long and very often they may have to work extended shifts as the need arises. They should be in excellent physical condition because on many occasions, their work requires them to stand for a long time or crouch in a cramped position.

However it is an excellent way to make good money using your skills. Even if you have basic mechanic skills, you can get an entry-level job on a rig, which pays $50,000 annually. If you are good at your work, you will soon grow and can opt for some of the mainstream positions as described above.

The Gulf of Mexico

While the Gulf of Mexico has always been known for its offshore oil, it finds a place on this list because experts believe that there is a tremendous potential for more oil in deeper and further from the coast. It is estimated that there are about 13 billion barrels of unrecovered oil in the region in an area called as the Lower Tertiary. This area is 200 miles off the coast and stretches from Alabama to Mexico. It consists of probably the oldest rock formation, approximately 60 million years old, and poses a unique set of challenges to reach. When the formation is so old, it needs to be fractured before oil can be extracted and this is not an easy process because of a number of reasons. The primary concern is that no one has ever fractured rock in deep water before and for this particular extraction; massive amounts of hydraulic horsepower will be needed.

Given the recent oil extraction debacle, BP has not yet received approval to proceed with exploring this Lower Tertiary region to which it currently holds rights. However it is expected to proceed with approval in due course.

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department on board the rig keeps the rig running as it should at all times. It may be a support function but without a strong and efficient maintenance team, the rig would not be able to operate.

The Perfect Offshore Job on oil rigs

When searching for a new, rewarding, high-paying job, finding a career in oil rigs comes to mind. You will find various kinds of job opportunities available, so it’s a matter of obtaining a career on oil rigs that suits your particular background or even abilities. You’ll find things to consider in a good offshore oil job, because they aren’t suited to every person. They could be worthwhile, but you will find sacrifices involved, which is the reason they pay more than other job opportunities.

Period of time Away:

If you are married and have a family, a sacrifice on offshore oil rig jobs cannot be interrupted by family time. You will be away for several weeks at a time, when you have a job on oil rigs because it isn’t an easy commute. You will have assigned periods on an offshore rig job and you will have breaks for spending time with family. Once you are on the rig, you are expected to stay through your assigned period.

Your individual connections have to be good enough to weather extended durations apart. It will not be abnormal to discover there are numerous men and women who have a career on oil rigs which have been single or separated. Make sure people are geared up for long absences from the family unit.

The Perfect Job on oil rigs:

There are a variety of offshore oil rig jobs. There are catering or food department jobs and there are drillers, deck maintenance and oil rig management. Workers that have a job on oil rigs are living on the rig for months at a time and it is run like a community with a common goal. There is more danger involved in deck crew and drilling crew of this offshore oil job.

Should you have kitchen knowledge, think about employment on oil rigs within the catering in the kitchen a steward or camp boss. But for those who have a history with the oilfields, consider work on oil rigs as a roughneck, pumpman, derrickman, helping oil driller, driller or deck team maintenance, crane driver, roustabout, painter or barge engineer.

Salaries For Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Whilst a steward commences with an annual wage around $30 thousand per year, a camp leader twelve-monthly income is around $50 thousand. The roughneck on the drill crew would make an yearly salary in the forty thousand dollars, a pump man averages around $50,000 and a derrick man averages around sixty dollars. Usually the average twelve-monthly income for the second in command drillers is around $50,000, and a driller has an average 12-monthly pay of about sixty thousand dollars.

Annual salaries of a deck crew job on oil rigs can be in the $40’s to the $60’s depending on position, area of expertise and experience. A management job on oil rigs has salaries from the mid-$70’s to over $100,000 per year depending on your experience or position. There are entry-level positions and those that require experience, when it comes to offshore oil rig jobs.


When considering a position on oil rigs, there is always offshore oil job that can be rightly suited for those of you that want a specialized and worthwhile employment. They could be very satisfying jobs that pay much more than the average and they also offer opportunities for promotion. When you have a paid position on oil rigs, you and your family are sure to be spoiled for any or the same positions on stable ground.

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