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Working Offshore in Norway – You can Get Great Rewards!


Working offshore in Norway can open up several job opportunities for you. These are the high paid jobs and also come with additional facilities that are offered by the employers. Working here can make life amazing.

You will not income more but also you can secure your future with a great approach. working offshore in Norway can also allow you to work at different positions like mooring & installation engineer. At this part of the world, you can also find a huge demand for the electrical and instrument engineers.

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You can also work as an installation offshore manager. These jobs can offer you high salary structure as well. But to join at these posts, you need to have proper certification and work experience at the offshore venues.

In order to get more details about the job announcements related to offshore fields in Norway, now you can also take help of the internet. While searching for working offshore in Norway online, you will come across different jobs and vacancies. The pay rate remains good with these job announcements.

However, the candidates are always needed to stay prepared for the odds that can come when you are working at just any offshore venue in this world and far from your home country. If you want to reap the real benefits of offshore jobs, then you should go for the working offshore in Norway. There are a few leading oil and gas companies located here and working with them can offer you great rewards.


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Where to Find Offshore Jobs?

offshoreIf you are searching for the offshore jobs and you want to join one of them that best suits your portfolio then you should know the places where these job announcements are appearing frequently.

Apart from the employment magazines and sections in the newspaper, you can find details related to the offshore jobs online as well. In fact, the internet can offer you an easy and fast option to collect these details. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can come across many job announcements for different offshore venues.

There are also specific websites where these offshore jobs are announced regularly. these sites also update the status of such jobs on a regular interval while adding the new ones announced by the employers. Most of the offshore jobs are located at gas and oil industries.

So, working here can always offer you a quality salary structure. Employers here are also offering other facilities to their employees in order to enhance the productivity level. In order to work at these venues you also need to show determination and perseverance. You need to be equipped with solid physical strength, as this is the biggest requirement with just any offshore job.

Some of the offshore jobs can offer you the chance to go for wages that remain around $1600 to $2000 in a single week. You may need to fly to the work station by chopper and that seems to be the most interesting part associated with some offshore jobs. So, search for the right kind of offshore jobs online and secure one to add a new dimension for your life.

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Salaries as an Offshore Worker

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When you are looking at the salary structure of the offshore workers you may think that these are the best jobs in this world. Most of the offshore jobs are provided by the gas and oil industry that have managed to gain a solid foot hold at these venues. Without any doubt the salary structure remains high with the offshore jobs.

But there are also odds that you may need to negotiate with while working here. As most of the jobs are located with the gas and oil industry, you have to show the real physical strength as well as determination.

To work at these venues you need to have a strong mindset that can even help you to work under some critical conditions. If you are ready for all these stuffs, then offshore jobs are the best options for you. You also need to have proper working experience and certifications that can vary from different types of offshore jobs at the gas and oil industry.

At the same time, the salary structure can even vary for different job announcements. The good thing is that gas and oil companies are offering their employees additional benefits, healthcare benefits and quality facilities along with a good salary structure. All these things can really push you hard to overlook those odds that you may face while working. Going for the offshore jobs can offer you a great future for sure. For a drill deck worker the salary can remain around $300 per day.

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How to find an oil and rig job offshore

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Grab yourself a pen and paper then sit down and make two columns. In one column note all of your skills and qualifications, and in the other note down your career jobs starting from the most recent going back to your very first job. The next stage is to look at the type of role you want or would like with the offshore oil and gas industry.

Once you have identified the role you would like to pursue, look at the skill sets required for said position. It is at this point you will look at the skill sets and experience you currently have that could crossed skilled to the role in question, doing this will help you identify any shortfall you may have, and what you will have to obtain prior to apply for this or any other roles.

Once you have the required skill sets for your preferred position, put together a resume that highlights these existing and current skills. The next stage is; along with a very well prepared written introduction letter, copies of you qualifications, and your new resume, you identify as many companies as possible, including recruitment agencies who are looking for people that match your new skills, and send their HR departments and consultants these documents.

Do not be surprised if you apply for over 250 positions before you get a positive interview if any, it is just how the industry works. Also replies from companies generally take anywhere between one to three month for initial reply. This is not a guarantee it just a system that worked for me, and it only cost me time. Apart from courses, I never spent a $ in doing it as everything was done on a computer and over the net.

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Offshore Fields in the World

offshore oil world map

When we are talking about offshore fields, we cannot really ignore the gas and oil industry that have managed to develop at these venues with an exponential rate. Due to this reason, the offshore fields are sometime considered as the offshore oil fields. Well, there are really many offshore oil fields but some of them have really managed to draw attention from across the globe.

Among the top five offshore oil fields located in this world, three are located at Persian Gulf. These oil fields are located with a close proximity to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Among all these three, the Safaniya oil field is considered as the major one for its high capacity of crude oil production.

This oil field is expected to be equipped with fifty billion barrels of oil among which thirty-six billion barrels can be extracted. Due to this reason, it is also known as the biggest offshore field in this world. Saudi Aramco which is natural gas and Oil Company located in Saudi Arabia own this oil field. It was discovered during the year 1951 and the oil extraction work started during 1957.

Since then this offshore field is producing crude oil for the rest of the world. Per day this oil field is producing 1.5 million barrels of oil. The 4th and 5th biggest offshore fields are located at Santos Basin in Brazil and Kashagan Oil Field that is located in North Caspian Sea. Well, these are the leading and largest offshore fields located in this world.

The Fitness Requirements of Offshore Drilling Jobs

derrick of Ocean Star Offshore Oil Rig & Museum

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For all those who are looking for offshore jobs that deal with offshore drilling, the primary requirement is mental and physical fitness. The reason is that the offshore drilling jobs are most of the times in between big seas on a rig that is of the size of an apartment block.

The duties on the rig have lengthy working hours and a tight schedule. The rig is a structure that has been made flexible and therefore in case of high winds and storms, the rig sways as well. This is why all those who opt for the jobs at rigs must have sea legs and their fitness levels should meet the requirements of the job.

The work is technical in nature and there are many times when one would have to go under water for repairs and checks. Therefore all those who are there working on the rig are meant to be fit enough to take on the challenge of high seas and round the clock work times.

The mental duress increases with the knowledge of the family and friends being far of and team work is what takes one through. This is why being a team player is also one of the criteria.

Features of Offshore Outsourcing

If you are looking for the best of offshore jobs, then you must consider offshore outsourcing as a lucrative option because this is one of those categories of jobs that have ensured that all the small and the big businesses benefit immensely out of which. The reason why an organization would opt for offshore outsourcing is to manage the business more efficiently.

Consider a department that needs maintenance and support of the other departments of the company. If this work can be given to someone else to manage who is able to hire manpower and take charge of resources and manage them for the company, then the parent organization will be able to free resources to manage the remaining departments and ensure that revenues are increased via these departments.

On the other hand the contractor has got the full liberty to manage the work and the results are based on the satisfaction of customers Most of the times, the revenue generated from the after sales service is the primary clause for management of the front end of the business but what also holds importance is the quality of services offered because that is what determines how good the service is.

Working as a Woman Offshore

Offshore woman workingWomen working at the offshore venues can come across some sorts of challenges. But as the offshore jobs can offer you a great package as well as other facilities, you may want to overlook these odds.

If you are mentally and physically strong, then offshore jobs for women are the perfect options for you. Working at these venues can help you to make a good amount for the future as well. However, for that you need to face those odds as well. But it’s alright when you are looking forward to build a better career.

As we all know offshore jobs are mostly located with the gas and oil industry where the demand for physical strength and great willingness to carry out the processes is high. Due to this reason, offshore jobs are considered to be dominated mostly by the male population. But still there are chances for the women population to secure a job. If you cannot go for the oil rigs and gas industry where physical strength is a big requirement, then you can always go for the back office jobs.

Here, you can appoint join the posts like office manager and can handle the paper works for the concerned company. This work can be done by just any woman who is efficient, educated and having right kind of certification. In order to join a higher post at the offshore venues, you also need to have proper working experience. You also need to stay prepared for the challenges that can come while working.