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Offshore Salary and Pay Structure

Most individuals opting for a career in this industry are first attracted to the money. Offshore rig workers make a substantial amount more than onshore employees doing the same job and what’s more, they work fewer days a year. Most reputed companies pay their workers extremely enviable packages and the benefits offered are also superlative. However not everyone is paid the same across all companies.

There are a number of factors that will determine your specific pay package and it is wise to bear these in mind while assessing your offer.

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department on board the rig keeps the rig running as it should at all times. It may be a support function but without a strong and efficient maintenance team, the rig would not be able to operate.

Settle any Personal Issues Beforehand

Once you are onboard it is expensive to contact your families, lawyer or other individuals to work on any personal issues. If you are married or in a relationship ensure that your spouse or partner is totally comfortable with your career choice as dealing with a troubled partner can put a major drain on your wallet.

Salaries as an Offshore Worker

money offshore

When you are looking at the salary structure of the offshore workers you may think that these are the best jobs in this world. Most of the offshore jobs are provided by the gas and oil industry that have managed to gain a solid foot hold at these venues. Without any doubt the salary structure remains high with the offshore jobs.

But there are also odds that you may need to negotiate with while working here. As most of the jobs are located with the gas and oil industry, you have to show the real physical strength as well as determination.

To work at these venues you need to have a strong mindset that can even help you to work under some critical conditions. If you are ready for all these stuffs, then offshore jobs are the best options for you. You also need to have proper working experience and certifications that can vary from different types of offshore jobs at the gas and oil industry.

At the same time, the salary structure can even vary for different job announcements. The good thing is that gas and oil companies are offering their employees additional benefits, healthcare benefits and quality facilities along with a good salary structure. All these things can really push you hard to overlook those odds that you may face while working. Going for the offshore jobs can offer you a great future for sure. For a drill deck worker the salary can remain around $300 per day.

Don’t you think it’s a high paid job? Please comment below.

Marine Department

The marine department is required for those rigs, which are drill ships or semi-submersibles, also called as floaters. The job of the marine department is the keep the rig afloat.

Other Offshore Jobs

Offshore work is often associated with shifting certain roles and tasks from an expensive region to another cheaper one for the benefit of cost saving and skills concentration. It is also referred to as outsourcing and has become a lucrative career option for individuals in less developed nations, where the cost of labor is lower for the employers and cost of living is cheaper for the employees.

Some companies choose to hire third party service providers to perform these functions. In such cases, the staff are recruited, trained and monitored by the third party company who supply periodic bills to their client, the original company performing the work. There are other approaches where the parent company sets up subsidiaries in these regions for the sole purpose of outsourcing work to these locations. Here the parent company, through the subsidiary employs the staff.


A drillship is a rig onboard a regular ship, complete with hull, pump rooms, bridge and below deck rooms. The rig equipment is located on the hull and usually reaches up to quite a height so that it can be lowered to extreme depths when required. Whenever drilling has to take place, the drill ship is positioned with the help of its anchors and stays stationary. When the ship has to move, using its own motors and steam it can go to its new location.

The main benefit of a drillship is its versatility for movement. It needn’t be tugged and towed to its new location. Since it is a ship by itself, it can move on its own. Consequently the team on board a drillship will include mariners and related personnel who are trained on how to navigate such a vessel. A drillship can be used for ultra deep water drilling and sometimes can go even lower than semi submersibles. Dynamic positioning systems and GPS technology is used to navigate them to their required locations.

High Demand For Catering Jobs Offshore

For those seeking jobs offshore, opportunities continue to grow, even with the economic slowdown. Half of the current workforce in the oil and gas industry is retiring in the next 10 years. This is creating a huge labor shortage for the energy companies and drilling contractors, and a huge opportunity for those seeking jobs offshore and on land. There has never been a better time for either experienced or entry-level workers to find jobs offshore.

This growing workforce shortage is creating a groundswell of opportunity for catering personnel who would like to find an offshore catering job. Jobs offshore in catering in 2009 – 2010 is expected to accelerate as the economy begins turning around. While all job categories are experiencing vacancies and shortages, the opportunities are particularly good for offshore cooking jobs and other catering personnel.

There are many openings for a variety of jobs offshore in catering positions, including Chefs, cooks, assistant cooks, night bakers, galley hands, stewards and stewardesses, housekeeping and cleaning staff. Offshore catering is typically contracted out and managed by catering and food service companies. The catering contractor is responsible for all food service, to include meals, snacks, and special Holiday requirements. Additionally, the offshore catering service manages the cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen and chow hall, as well as the recreational and common areas and sleeping quarters. The following jobs are in high demand and available now.

Offshore Catering Jobs, Duties and Wages

Camp Boss

The Camp Boss is responsible for running the catering department. He oversees the chefs, cooks, night bakers, stewards, and housekeepers. The rig crew work long, hard hours, and an important part of running the operation is ensuring they have adequate energy and good morale. Ensuring that the kitchen puts out great tasting and nutritious food is what the Camp Boss does every day. He is assisted in this responsibility with a small crew of Chefs, Cooks, Night Bakers, Galley Hands and Stewards Stewardesses. Four to Six main courses are prepared and served every 24 hours, split into 12 hour shifts, so that both shifts get good meals. The Camp Boss also manages the Stewards and Stewardesses, ensuring that the rig’s recreation areas, downtime areas and, living quarters are kept clean, and the laundry completed.

Chef Head Cook

For the Chef or Lead Cook position, while previous offshore experience isn’t a requirement, previous cooking experience is. The quality of offshore food preparation is often comparable to the fare one would receive in the nicer Hotels and Restaurants; the food is good, nutritious, and there is lots of it. The Chef plays an important role in keeping morale high among the drilling crews; looking forward to a good meal goes a long way in maintaining job satisfaction. Experience managing a kitchen is a must. This is not an entry-level cooking position, one is expected to have a proven record of preparing quality food. However, those with less experience will be considered for the Galley Hand or Night Cook. Salaries run from the mid 60s – 70s, depending on the rig, the catering service company one is working for, and experience.

Night Baker

This is a very important position on the rig. All bread onboard is baked by the night baker, as well as pastries, muffins and desserts. On smaller rigs, this may be rolled up with the Assistant Cook Sous Chef as one job; on larger rigs, the positions will be two separate jobs. Offshore Night Baker wages will run from the 50s to 60s.

Night Cook

Most people with experience seeking an offshore cooking job will start here. The Night Cook will work the night shift. This is a great position in which to obtain one’s first offshore job. The Assistant Cook will prepare meals according to the recipes and directions of the Chef or Lead Cook. If you do a good job, and prove capable of running the kitchen in the Chef’s absence, you can move into a Lead Cook or Chef’s position fairly quickly. Offshore Assistant Cook wages will range from the mid 50s to mid 60s.

Galley Hand

If you have worked as a dishwasher or busboy in a Hotel or Restaurant for any decent amount of time, you can qualify of an Offshore Galley Hand job. This is a great way to get a foot in the door for those wishing to progress up to Chef or Head Cook – as on the mainland, many Offshore Chefs have gotten their start in the industry by starting at the bottom and working their way up. Offshore Galley Hand wages salary will range from the mid 40s to mid 50s.

Cleaning Housekeeping Staff

Generally speaking, anyone with mainland experience in a janitorial or housekeeping position, especially in industrial facilities or hotels, can qualify for jobs offshore in the same capacity. It is not uncommon for people wanting to break into the industry to accept a cleaning or housekeeping job, get to know people, and then, when the opportunity arises, advancing into a position of greater responsibility. This could be a supply room job, a roustabout job, or moving up the ladder to become a maintenance supervisor. It is quite common for people to start in this sort of position and then make a career in the offshore oil industry, moving in whatever direction they choose. A great way to get the proverbial foot in the door. Offshore Janitorial and Cleaning Housekeeping wages salary will range from the mid 40s to mid 50s.


The Steward Stewardess position is essentially a combination of Galley Hand and Janitorial Housekeeping responsibilities. On small rigs, these jobs may be rolled into one, and that would be the role of Steward. Offshore Steward wages will range from the mid 40s to mid 50s.

Getting Hired for Jobs Offshore in the Catering Section

For those without industry experience, it has been proven that the fastest way to get hired is to utilize one of the legitimate employment services for jobs offshore. Be sure to work only with honest, legitimate companies that will assist you with getting your resume written correctly for an offshore catering job.They should have references of people who have landed jobs offshore with them. A legitimate recruiter or job finding service will make no guarantees of getting hired, but should guarantee your satisfaction with their services, with a refund if no job is procured.

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Platform Drill

Major oil companies invest huge sums of money on geological surveys to estimate the quantum of oil present under the seabed. Once these surveys indicate a positive result, semi-submersibles or drillships are sent to conduct the first few rounds of drilling. If these prove to be fruitful and show excellent potential, a permanent structure may be built to proceed with the drilling operations. This is called a platform drill.

A platform drill will not only extract the oil from the seabed but also pump it via pipelines to an onshore destination. Alternatively, oil could be pumped into ‘export’ tankers, which then transport the oil to the shore

The main difference between a platform and the other vessels mentioned above is that it cannot be moved. It is a permanent fixture on the ocean. It is also extremely stable and secure since it is not depending on legs, ballasts or anchors to remain stationary. Oil companies only resort to drilling platforms when they are absolutely certain that the potential benefits of the oil well are excellent.