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While the primary function of an oil rig is to drill for oil, there are a number of supporting roles that are essential for the comfort, convenience and support of the rig crew. While these do not all require a strong orientation toward mechanics or engineering, they are nevertheless integral to the success of the expedition. In addition, many individuals start out their careers in one of these supporting roles, just to gain some experience of working on a rig. After a couple of shifts in such a function, they are able to use their contacts to get into the mainstream roles. Some of the supporting roles are:

Offshore Banking Needs the Best Professionals


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The Offshore jobs take a different shape altogether with the Offshore Banking. There are some immense benefits of offshore banking. All those who opt for the offshore banking jobs have to be professionals who have had impeccable career records.

One of the primary features of offshore banking is the discreet method with which the banking is done. Such banks are known for maintaining the privacy of customers and therefore the employees are to be chosen carefully. Offshore banking jobs require the best of the banking professionals who are aces at their work. These banks not only offer anonymity and privacy to customers, but also the services that are offered are to be impeccable.

Some of the finest features of the offshore banks include the class and the style of services which are nothing short of world class services. These services might as well be compared with the finest services in the hospitality sector. The bank employees after being hired are thoroughly trained to ensure that the customers’ experience is nothing short of impressive from the point they walk into the bank till the time they walk out of the bank. This is a prime requirement of the banks and this is why those hired must be the best.


Transocean is the world’s largest drilling company. It is based in Switzerland and specializes in some of the most challenging drilling environments including ultra deep water and harsh environment drilling. Its commitment to new research and technology has made it the first in a number of advancements including year-round drilling. Known for having some of the most advanced rigs in the industry it is an excellent place to start thanks to their well-structured on-the-job training program. They are known to employ some of the most experienced and proficient rig technicians in the industry, which has helped with their strong focus on training and career advancement. They are known to be excellent paymasters with good benefits and usually work shifts of 28 days on and 28 days off.

Common Oil Rig Roles

The entry level, easiest to obtain oilrig role is the roustabout. It is a role that requires a lot of heavy lifting, manual work, painting, sandblasting, loading, unloading and other intense physical work. As you gain experience, you grow from roustabout to roughneck.

These are the individuals who are responsible for the smooth and effective functioning of the drill. This involves raising it and lowering it as required when bits have to be replaced and performing routine maintenance tasks. There are roles in the middle of this spectrum as well as supporting roles, all of which are essential for the seamless functioning of the rig.

Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs

What is an offshore job? The answer to this question varies in different aspects depending on two factors; the most common definition across the globe being working away from the mainland either in an oil rig or gas rig. The other definition may be working in an island that is not your country of residence. Offshore oil and gas jobs are becoming common across the globe each and every year. Soon we may see the offshore oil and gas jobs surpassing the popularity of finance and IT jobs.

Offshore oil and gas salaries

Offshore oil and gas jobs pay way much more than the same level jobs on onshore companies. A welder in an offshore company definitely earns more than a welder in an onshore oil drilling company. The same applies to other support positions like mechanics and electricians.

Dangerous work

burning rig

Most offshore oil and gas workers need to be people with a lot of guts, brains and to cup it all physical strength and this is very rare to find. This high demand for labor in the industry with little supply makes employers pay high salaries to their employees. Another contributing factor to the high pay in the industry is the fact that these offshore oil and gas rigs are considered to be dangerous as you are highly exposed to natural calamities like storms and earthquakes.

There are also instances when offshore oil and gas rigs have caught fire due to leaks. You may also get tax exemptions due to risks and hardships you are exposed to when on duty.

The Fitness Requirements of Offshore Drilling Jobs

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For all those who are looking for offshore jobs that deal with offshore drilling, the primary requirement is mental and physical fitness. The reason is that the offshore drilling jobs are most of the times in between big seas on a rig that is of the size of an apartment block.

The duties on the rig have lengthy working hours and a tight schedule. The rig is a structure that has been made flexible and therefore in case of high winds and storms, the rig sways as well. This is why all those who opt for the jobs at rigs must have sea legs and their fitness levels should meet the requirements of the job.

The work is technical in nature and there are many times when one would have to go under water for repairs and checks. Therefore all those who are there working on the rig are meant to be fit enough to take on the challenge of high seas and round the clock work times.

The mental duress increases with the knowledge of the family and friends being far of and team work is what takes one through. This is why being a team player is also one of the criteria.

Purpose of Offshore Banking

Offshore banking is a field that has been developing fast, especially since the introduction of online banking. There are some countries that are famous for offering offshore banking services especially since they give adequate security and open firm bank regulations. Offshore banking has been associated with money laundering, but here are some of the major purposes that are offered by these banks.

The banks are essential for people who have a lot of assets in regions that are affected by conflict. These clients can take their investments to these banks for security purposes. The investments can be in the form of cash, precious stones or documentation to show that a certain estate belongs to a particular individual.

Offshore banking provides security and adequate privacy to the account holder. Investors are not supposed to let their country know that they have accounts offshore. Investors open an international business company that is generally a line to deposit cash. These investors start an account with another bank other than the IBC account bank to ensure that there is adequate privacy involved.

Offshore accounts in some regions are not charged taxes other than regular custom duties. This makes investors in countries that are heavily taxed prefer this alternative to reduce deductions.

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Is IT offshore outsourcing to grow in popularity?

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The answer to this question is a resounding yes.   If the current trend of manufacturing hardware and software that are universally applicable is anything to go by, then it means that offshore outsourcing jobs and working in IT have just began. The good thing is that today, technology is not becoming obsolete as quickly as it used to. What many software developers are doing is improving on what they have already released onto the market, making it easier for off shore IT job sources to catch up and keep and stay up to date.

A good example that is a pointer to the popularity of IT outsourcing is the use of the same programs worldwide. Some IT companies in America have simply gone global, selling their identical products everywhere. This has indeed made it possible for clients and customers to come onto a common platform where they can speak the same language of IT. For example, a person from China and another one from Africa can use Windows XP.

Many small businesses have opted to put just so much money into their outsourcing plans which the 2008 economic crunch brought on, replacing long term IT plans with short term ones, IT is in business, and it is going to stay this way for a long time. The adoption therefore of short term IT plans for a business means that after that plan is completed, another one will have to be drawn up. IT is a basic necessity for businesses and there is no way that a business is going to survive without it. Coupled with online banking, it is a winner.

Benefits Usually Provided by Drilling Companies

In addition to a competitive salary, drilling companies usually provide to their employees a host of benefits designed to make their employment as lucrative and risk free as possible. Some of the benefits usually covered by drilling companies are provided below:

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This policy is usually two times annual salary and offers the immediate kin of the rig worker some cash relief in case of accidental death or dismemberment on board the rig. It is a form of acknowledgement that rig workers are employed in a fairly risky profession so this policy aims to take some of the risk away for their families. Some companies allow employees to opt for an additional amount up to 5 to 10 times their salary but would require that the employees pay the additional premium.

Dependent Life Insurance

Another insurance policy frequently provided by Drilling Companies is Dependent Life Insurance, which covers your spouse or your child. In the event of the demise of your dependent, you will receive a sum of money to help with all the funeral arrangements and burial expenses.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Working on an oil rig can result in injury or disability which prevents the worker from returning to the job for brief or extended period. This insurance policy protects the worker and his family from the loss of income that would occur during this time either wholly or partially.

Medical, Dental and Prescription Drug Coverage

Medical and dental care costs are huge overseas and most hospitals will not even examine you unless you are covered by a health care insurance plan. All reputed oil-drilling companies provide their employees excellent medical and dental coverage. In most cases, they also cover any prescription drugs required by the worker or his family.

Voluntary Vision Coverage and Safety Eyewear Coverage

Recognizing that rig workers may face injuries affecting their eyes during the course of their work some drilling companies offer their employees the option to apply for voluntary vision coverage through a network of service providers. Other companies may extend prescription safety glasses at a very nominal rate to protect the vision of their employees.

In additional to all these benefits, drilling companies very often offer a specialized set of benefits to non US citizens who work with their organization in different parts of the world.

The Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf located in the heart of the Middle East accounts for the largest concentration of crude oil reserves in the world. The Safaniya Oilfield located here is generally accepted as the largest oil field in the world. As per assessments in 2002, the middle east nations of Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, all having rights to the Persian Gulf accounted for over two thirds of the world’s crude oil reserves.